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If you can tell your life story to a 5 year old, how would you do it?

When I was your age, I realized I loved singing and being on stage, so I started doing it all the time! I would sing at church, school or even at the grocery store! It made me really happy, especially during some rough times like moving or saying goodbye to pets and people I loved. It still makes me happy so I make sure to do it all the time, especially when I’m sad or people around me are sad, so I can make them smile too!

Where are you originally from? Tell us about your hometown.

I was actually born in Alameda, California, but raised in Springfield, Oregon. Springfield is a medium sized town, next to Eugene, which is the home of University of Oregon so large populations of college students live there.

For that reason, Springfield attempts to be progressive and although successful in areas such as the subject matter of theatrical productions or art shows, it is behind in other areas such as deep seeded subtle racism and a large population of drug abuse. That said, every city has its flaws and at the end of the day, I love Springfield. It is luscious and green with never ending rivers, lakes, waterfalls, hidden trails, mountains and caves. People own horses and chickens and kids spend their free time playing soccer and climbing trees. It was a beautiful place to grow up. A kid can really be a kid there. 

Sweater : Ziztar

Sweater : Ziztar

What inspired you to be an actress?

I’ve always wanted to be an actress. For as long as I can remember, I have craved storytelling and performance and would seek out opportunities every chance I could — even in the grocery store for strangers. It wasn’t until my eighth birthday that I realized acting was a viable career. My aunt Toni and uncle Jim gave my mom and me tickets to see a touring Broadway production of “The Music Man.” A little girl around my age came on stage and blew the house away. She looked so happy. She inspired me and that was the moment I knew how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.


Do you remember your first audition and gig?

I don’t remember my first audition, but my first gig was around when I was eight and I played “girl lying on garage floor with broken arm.” I was ecstatic. The shoot was several hours and it was freezing cold. I just laid there while another actor came in, discovered me lying there, assessed the situation and applied medical care. It was one of those teacher training videos and I could not have been more proud.

Sweater : Ziztar Glasses : Dzmitry Jacket: TOPSHOP Tie: Zara

Sweater : Ziztar Glasses : Dzmitry Jacket: TOPSHOP Tie: Zara

Tell us more about your character Evie from The Leftovers. What are some of her characteristics that you think resonate well with you and why?

Evie’s defiance resonates with me because I share it and deeply understand it. Sometimes something will feel wrong to me but I can’t explain why. For Evie, the way the town responded to the sudden departure was wrong — she could feel in her bones that people were lying and something was not right but didn’t necessarily have proof. I understand that feeling. I understand it especially now in the wake of all of this political nonsense and the horrible things that are happening around the world. So I become defiant until I know what to say and how to move forward.


Name any memorable experience during the production of The Leftovers.

Shooting the breakfast scene with the Murphy family. That was one of the only times we were all working together and it was an absolute blast. I was pretty much on my phone the whole time, so I got to watch Regina and Kevin do their thing and then Kevin and Jovan do their thing. Regina and I shared a few side eye moments. It was simple, wonderful and so much fun. 

Glasses : Dzmitry Bracelet : Melissa Curry

Glasses : Dzmitry Bracelet : Melissa Curry

Any actors you admire that you would love to meet and have a coffee with?

I would love to meet and have coffee with Viola Davis. I don’t know if there is any actor I respect more than her. 


What do you think is the proudest moment in your career so far?

I think the proudest moment in my career so far was the moment I booked The Leftovers. I was tired, and had been working myself sick staying afloat and it was one of those moments that validated every choice I'd made up until that point. I was proud and relieved, and immediately quit my job and took a twenty hour nap.

Glasses : Dzmitry Jacket: TOPSHOP Tie: Zara

Glasses : Dzmitry Jacket: TOPSHOP Tie: Zara

If you’re not acting what do you usually do?

When I’m not working I’m studying, writing music and traveling!


Describe a character that you would want to portray in any of your upcoming projects and why.

I want to play someone who is in the chaos of crisis because I haven’t done that yet. I always love to play roles that challenge me and to play that truthfully sounds scary and challenging. Even more specifically, I want to play someone who is experiencing hardship due to current events such as the travel ban or the attack on women’s reproductive rights- something that is a reflection of our current world, so that when people watch, they understand the drastic nature of what is going on and how people are affected differently.

Top: Stylist Archives Glasses : Dzmitry Bracelet : Melissa Curry Blue  Jacket by Napvsugar

Top: Stylist Archives Glasses : Dzmitry Bracelet : Melissa Curry Blue Jacket by Napvsugar

Dream project?

“In The Heights” with Lin-Manuel Miranda 


Top 3 music in your playlist right now.

Paramore - After Laughter

Kweku Collins - Grey

Mapei - Hey Hey


Currently binge watching________

The Handmaid’s Tale and The Missing season 2.

Jacket: Boob Hat: Ivaksenevich

Jacket: Boob Hat: Ivaksenevich

Any advice you can give to any aspiring actors out there?

Be yourself. The desire to fit in or conform to a mold is tempting but so limiting and in the end, not fulfilling. 


Name a book that you are currently reading.

I just started Neil LaBute’s play “The Way We Get By”.


If you’re going to have a book, what title would it be?

“Where the hell is the bacon? And other incessant concerns.”


If you had the chance and opportunity to help a specific charity, what would it be and why?

I’m currently interested in LA’s LGBTQ Center. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I understand the need for support and community. I’ve been blessed to have that in my inner circle but not everyone is so lucky. It is my responsibility and desire to support and champion others.


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