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Tell us a about your story? Who is Jack the actor and Jack as a person?

I am just chasing my dream, man. I grew up doing theater and I love acting. I am shooting season 4 of the Thundermans right now. As an actor, I am always trying to grow and prepare myself for what's next. As a person I basically chill and try to remain unaffected. 


Where are you originally from


Do you remember your first acting audition and gig? How and when did acting start for you?

I wanted to start doing it around 10 years old. My older brothers were in a theater magnet program in high school at the time so I looked up to them a lot.

I remember one of my first shows I did was "A Christmas Story." In the audition, I froze up and could not remember my lines. After crawling through the monologue I left the theater basically in tears. My mom told me to go back in there! I asked to do it again and got the part.


How is it like to play “Max Thunderman”  in  “The Thundermans?” How did you land the role? 

It is the best. I love that my character has gone places. From evil to good. Over 4 years. So it has been a really fun evolution to play. I had a Nickelodeon pilot that did not get picked up the year before, so when Max was being cast they called my reps and thought it could be a good fit.  


Tell us more about your character Noah at “Those Left Behind.”

That was a really cool experience. The movie was about death, loss, and grieving for the main character (Noah's mom).  I basically got to play the polar opposite. Noah takes his girlfriend along the family trip to the cabin. They are youthful essence in the film is a really nice contrast to the films dark tone. It added a cool layer to it all.


What is your craziest and most memorable acting experience so far? 

I worked with Tom Lennon last week on the show. He is so iconic to me from 17 Again-  One of my favorite movies growing up. I was seriously starstruck.

Are there any particular actor/s that inspired you?   How do you think of yourself as a positive source of inspiration to young kids and fans?

I basically am just an advocator for kids having the opportunity to explore. Art or sports or whatever that kid is into. Start em young. 


What is your proudest moment in your career so far? 

Getting the Kids' Choice Award was awesome! It was a cool way to acknowledge our work on the show. I was proud. 

If you’re not acting, what are you doing? 

Literally nothing at home.   


How do you balance your time

I basically just do not do much when I am not working.  

Dream project? 

Marvel project!


Top 3 music in your playlist right now. 

Frank Ocean, Nav, DNCE


Any upcoming projects that can get your fans excited? 

Thundermans has a one hour special coming out June 24th! 

Currently binge watching________



Any advice you can give to any aspiring actors out there? 

Work really hard ! You have to recognize it does not happen overnight most of the time. You have to get in class, get involved, and really want to do it.


If you’re going to have a book what title would it be? 

Tales Of A Retired Children's TV Star. 


If you had the chance and opportunity to help a specific charity, what would it be and why? 

The Thirst Project. I just think water is so simple. Everyone should have drinking water.


Photography & Creative Direction: IRVIN RIVERA