American actor, Jake McDorman, best known for his starring role in CBS’ drama television series, Limitless, talks to us about his relationship with acting and the catharsis that comes with playing someone else.

Reflecting on some of the favorite roles he has played in the past Jake also tells about some of the upcoming characters he is hitting the screen with. In the recent revival of TV-show, Murphy Brown, Jake plays Murphy’s now-adult son, Avery.



At the end of the day, when the cameras aren’t rolling, who is Jake?

Currently I am huddled on my stoop in Fort Greene trying to be honest yet interesting around 2am after a night in the city laughing with people I love.

How would you describe your relationship with acting?

Ever changing. It’s a craft that evolves as I do. The art of listening. 


When it comes to acting, what is your favorite part about playing someone else? 

The catharsis. The longer I play someone else, the more I find I’ve learned about myself. 

Has there been a role you wish you could’ve played longer? 

Thurman Hayford in Escape of Prisoner 614. I could have bounced him of off Martin Starr forever.

The last time we saw you on television was playing the lead in Limitless, which was based off the movie with the same title starring Bradley Cooper. What was the most exciting thing about this project? 

We did 22 episodes of Limitless. It was an absolute joy. It started as a procedural drama and evolved into something very unique and special. Brian Finch was like a well tailored suit. Every script was dynamic, challenging, exciting. If I had to single something out? Maybe getting to pay homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in episode 7.

But really, the scripts—from start to finish were so fresh. I have to credit the writers. Of course, acting with Bradley, Jennifer, and Hill, stand out, and working with directors like Marc Webb and Lexi Alexander.


How do you catch the attention of the big names that you’ve worked with?

A love for the process attracts kindred spirits. 

I was excited to see that you’ll be in the TV-adaption of What We Do in the Shadows, which is in short, a comedic take on the immortal vampire living out mundane tasks in a modern era. I’d imagine thats a fun set to be on! Can you tell us about the role you play in it? 

I play Gregor aka Jeff. A man that’s had a torrid affair with one of the vampires spanning eons, but has no recollection of it every time he is reincarnated. I’m such a fan of the film, and getting to work with Jemaine and Taika was pretty surreal. 

What’s next for you? 

I’m currently in the revival of Murphy Brown. I play her son Avery. The same Avery who’s birth sparked controversy with Vice President Dan Quayle back in ‘92. We’re back. And we come out swinging.


What keeps you inspired? 

Watching good movies. Watching my peers. I’ll always be a student among them.


Photography: CATIE LAFFOON


Catch Jake McDorman in the new revival of Murphy Brown only on CBS!