A powerful magnet possess unlike magnetic poles that attract each other. It is a unique gift to be able to marry opposing fields of thoughts like science and art seamlessly and perform well in both – that is Emma Dumont’s gift.


As a main star of Fox’s X-Men TV Series spinoff The Gifted, actress Emma Dumont has proven that being a smart and nerdy gives you extra cool points in life.


In this Special Collector’s Issue, we are featuring Emma not just because of her multiple skills and talents (ballet, tap dance, banjo, singing, guitar, modeling, roller derby, acting, robotics, engineering and more) but also because of her ability to connect with her audience and her desire to educate the youth through the arts and sciences. She mentors kids about Robotics and engineering and she plays a badass comic book character in the Marvel universe.


On top of it all, the actress is also very open about her love of fashion and drag culture, which gives her extra glittery star points as a human. She is fun, brimming with energy and well, magnetic.


In this issue, embark on numerous pages of Emma’s fantasy world as she plays different personas.  We hope you like this special collector’s issue as much as we do.