Loser is the new cool. Just ask Jeremy Ray Taylor whose breakout role as Ben Hanscom of the Loser’s Club projected him into the spotlight where he currently stars as the lead role in the latest installment of Goosebumps!

Get to know more about Jeremy in our exclusive interview and find out what we can expect from the Loser’s Club in IT: CHAPTER TWO.



What inspired you to be an actor? How did it happen?

I was always messing around and making people laugh as a little boy and I was kinda discovered by accident.  I was in Nashville with my friends from the band Chasing DaVinci, and the talent developer working with them put me in touch with an agency in Nashville, TN.  I think it was a combination of her and the agent, Melinda Eisnaugle, in Nashville, who really gave me the confidence and shared the vision with me to become an actor.


How do you balance your time?

It can sometimes be hard to balance everything. I try to spend a lot of time with my family when I am home, and that really helps!  They keep me grounded and real for sure. I think working in the things that are most important to you, when you have down time, is key.  School can be hard, since I am not always there, but my mom makes sure I keep up.

Tell us about your character Sonny from Goosebumps.

Sonny is a science nerd obsessed with Nikola Tesla. He lives with his mom, sister, but his best friend Sam might as well be one of the family too.  He and Sam stumble upon an RL Stine manuscript and bring Halloween to life. They have to figure out a way to stop it before it takes over forever.



What can you tell us about the upcoming sequel of IT? What can the fans expect especially from your character?

I am so excited about the IT sequel. The fans are going to love the rest of the story and our adult characters will not disappoint!  You will see flashbacks of the young Losers’ Club but they will be brand new scenes!


If there is a role/movie that you would love to be included next, what would it be and why?

I would love to work on a comedy, and who wouldn’t love to be associated with Marvel!

Who are your acting idols?

There are so many great actors out there it is hard to choose.  I do love Jack Black and enjoyed working with him in Goosebumps very much.  Hugh Jackman is a boss and so is Michael B. Jordan.

What’s on your music playlist right now?

Hamilton FOR SURE! I am obsessed with that soundtrack.  Besides that, I listen to a lot of different things, from rap to alternative. Anything but country music haha!!

If you were a book, what kind of book would you be and why?

I don’t know if I AM this book but this is a book I aspire to be. It’s called “Oh The Places You’ll Go” By Dr. Seuss. It cheerleads you through the journey that is life, expressing the ups and downs in a funny way.  Basically you will go places if you try but it won’t be easy. It’s an encouraging funny story and always picks you up when you are down.

Is there any charity that is close to your heart? Which one is it?

I am a huge advocate for teen adoption! Two of my siblings growing up joined our family when they were teenagers. Currently, I am working with a local charity called Isaiah 117 House. They provide a safe and loving home for children awaiting foster placement. I am having trouble finding a charity specific to teen adoption, but would work with them 100% if there was one!

See Jeremy as Sonny in Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween in theaters now and reprising his role as young Ben in IT: Chapter in 2019!