Brimming with passion and energy, actor Camrus Johnson shared to us his stories about his version of LUKE FOX in the CW series BATWOMAN. He currently plays the head of Wayne Security as the tech guy who finds himself busy helping Batwoman become the hero that Gotham needs.   

In this exclusive interview, read on and learn how Johnson booked the role of Luke Fox, his favorite role so far, the perks of working in the Batcave, and discover his journey as a working actor and director.



How far is this first season gonna delve into Luke’s character and how close is this version of Luke Fox to the comics?

The writers are smart to not let me in too much on what is going to happen in each season or each episode because I live for this stuff. I love the DC Universe and geeky superhero storylines, so I get just as surprised reading the scripts as the audience will be watching the episodes. I hope we really dive more into Luke’s character soon because his backstory is incredible - for now we touch on it, but he’s a little busy helping the next hero be the hero Gotham needs. This Luke Fox is similar in the sense that he’s a genius and hilarious, but this Luke is more often funny by accident than funny on purpose and he’s a lot more high strung. But hey, he might be more uptight in the comics too if his icon, boss and mentor straight up disappeared without saying anything to him for 3 years (and counting) Wow am I mad at Batman right now?

How did you land the role of Luke Fox? How was the audition process like?

When I initially auditioned, I had no idea the audition was for Luke Fox was told I was going in for a tech guy named “Landon”. So, I auditioned for the New York Warner Bros. 2-person casting team on a Friday with two scenes - one funny and one dramatic. On Monday I got the call that my callback, or screentest, was gonna be the week after...and after digging deep, my manager let me know that the fans online put together that the fake character “Landon” might actually be LUKE FREAKING FOX AKA THE SON OF MORGAN FREEMAN’S CHARACTER so I knew I absolutely had to get this part. That next Wednesday I went in for LA Warner Bros. There were ten people in the room and I was cracking some jokes, then did the same two scenes. The next day I had my FINAL test and did the scenes in front of seventeen people! Of course, after cracking some jokes first. Not even because I was nervous, but because the vibe was so nice and I felt so comfortable around these supportive strangers! 3 hours later I got the great news call while I was with one of my best friends (who screamed), and the next day the news was out. Wild.


What makes this version of Luke Fox special?

His relationship with his dad, Lucius Fox. In the comics and animated projects, it is apparent that he and his dad are very close. Without giving anything away, Luke’s relationship with his dad in this story is a lot more layered.


What’s the best part about playing his character?

Working in the Batcave, hands down. When I tell people “I’m going to work” I’m saying that I am LITERALLY going to the Batcave. where my character works. Both Luke and I work in the Batcave. The more times I say I work in the Batcave the cooler it gets. I work in the Batcave. The part that I play has me working the Batcave. I the...Bat--oh you get it…Cave. I work in the Batcave.


How was it to work alongside your castmates and Ruby Rose?

We got really lucky with this cast. It’s not often where you’re working on a show with a group of people that are down to go to an escape-room weeks after meeting, go whale watching, go on boat cruises, have ‘Batman’ animated movie nights, etc. I love these people so much. And playing the character that is the head of Wayne of Security and protector of the, ahem, Batcave almost all of my scenes are with ‘Batwoman’ herself and we have so much fun on set together. Ruby is such a clown so we pretty much just crack jokes on set all day, and I mean all day. It makes the job a lot easier knowing that no matter how long the day will be I’ll spend most of my time laughing off camera.


You have 33 IMDB acting credits so far. Out of all the characters that you have played, which one is your favorite so far and why?

Soon to be 34 then! The short film I directed, wrote and starred in, “Blue Bison,” will up there soon too. As far as characters I’ve played, I would say ‘Devin’ from “Chicago PD,” hands down. It was such a heart wrenching character and episode and I really got to dive deep with that kid. I hate to spoil it if anyone reading plans to watch it, but he’s the main suspect of this crime and at the same time this doe-eyed innocent young man that wouldn’t hurt a fly. What an amazing acting experience to play a character that didn’t commit the crime he’s being accused of, but whose mind is so easily tampered with that he guiltily, and through ugly tears, confesses to doing it with details fed to him as if he believed that he actually did it? I mean holy poop. Devin was beautiful, and I was very fortunate to get to play with him early in my career.



What inspired you to pursue acting? How did it all start for you?

I never, ever thought about acting as a serious job. Sure, I’d wish I could be in movies growing up but how would I even do that? Junior year of high school my mom convinced me to try an acting class, didn’t take me long to fall in love with getting a higher grade for creating characters and having more fun, then my dad convinced me to move in with my Great Aunt in NYC and pursue my acting career there (which, like, hey parents out there - believe in your kids and at least be open to the idea of letting them be creative like mine did!) With the help of my first New York City friend, Craig, I got my first headshots, got on all of the acting websites, and did years of background work for money while auditioning and eventually booking a million student films and short films, a few fun music videos, things like that. Then I started directing and acting in a live sketch comedy show that my friends David Garelik and Alan Fox put together, and that’s how I got my first agent. Boom Bam.


What do you usually do to get into character? Walk us briefly through your process.

I experience the character’s past at home. So I write down certain past events that I need to know from the script, improv them out fully to myself (sometimes with a partner if I’m lucky; improvising with my little brother helped me book my first movie), and that way I have a real memory glued to my character’s memory so that in a way, they are one in the same. That’s my main thing, getting into their heads.

Which actors/artists inspire you the most?

Guillermo Del Toro, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mahershala Ali, Kevin Michael Richardson.


What’s your dream role/project?

Oof, so many. “Static Shock,” “The Mask,” Video Game Motion Capture ANYTHING, some version of Toph from “Avatar the Last Airbender” animated series, one of the darkest “Black Mirror” episodes, a Joker-level insane villain, Boxing film, any creative action movie


If you were a book, what book would you be and why? [could be a title/genre/type]

I’d be a Sci-Fi/Rom-Com/Action/Horror/Thriller/Comic Book with deep messages and one cohesive story, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. I’d keep you guessing what happens in the next chapter and every time you think you’ve hit the last page, you flip it only to discover a whole new chapter waiting for you to read (and possibly even help write?)

See Camrus as Luke Fox on Batwoman on The CW during Sundays at 8p (EDT/PDT)