What’s your story?

After I graduated high school, I did lots of kind of jobs in Kyoto about for 4 years and I moved to Tokyo to work as an actress.
I moved to LA about 4 years ago from Japan to follow my dream.

My goal is to be famous in the world, and do humanitarian work.

That's why I chose this field. 

You have a Samurai family?

Yeah, my ancestors are all Samurai and there was one who was a Swordsmith. 

Who can you relate to the most? Miko  or Katana Girl? Why?

You mean ”Human Miko” and Miko(katana girl)?

If that's the question, I'm more related to Katana girl cause she never gives up and she has a strong sense of justice like I do, hahaha!!!

Favorite role that you played so far.

Katana Girl

How do you make your characters relatable?

I just try to have fun when I act.

What inspired you to be an actress?

I became an actress to be famous and to save people. 


What’s your most memorable experience in acting so far?

I got injured (cut) on my forehead when we were shooting a fighting scene on Heroes Reborn.

The injury was not so bad, a couple of stiches but, lots of blood came out from my forehead, so it was memorable experience. haha

Tell us about your character Bubblegum in Fonotune: An Electric Fairytale

Bubblegum is always chewing a bubblegum.

She doesn't really talk, she is really lonely, but try to be cool. 

What ‘s the most challenging character that you played so far?

I did a cat creature in tv series pilot called ”The Yokai King”.

That character was pretty challenging.  I watch cats fight on youtube pretty much every day to try to feel what they feel when they fight. and also learn how to move as a cat.

It was really fun tho.


Favorite anime?

Dragon ball.


What are your thoughts about Hollywood casting other ethnicity to fill in with originally Asian roles? (Example, casting Scarlett Johannson as Kusanagi for Ghost in a Shell)

I really don't mind that they cast other ethnicity especially if it's from animation. (manga base).

I'm sure they cast her because of her acting. and that's good that they can cast white people into yellow character. That means yellow can also be cast for other ethnicity if you are a good actor.


Book that you’re currently reading

I'm not reading any book recently, but I'm reading a script for a new project.

If you’re not acting or auditioning for shows, what keeps you busy? 

Trying to find auditions. or jobs.


What is your dream project?

[To have a] Hollywood movie

Currently binge watching __

Animal fightings on youtube___ lol


What is your most memorable photo shoot so far?

With you!


How was it shooting with Irvin and the team?

That was really fun. Everyone is so nice and talented.

I also loved shooting photos with movement.

If you’re going to publish your own book, what title would it be and why? 

”How can I stop eating chocolates”

coz i looooove chocolates!


If you will be given the opportunity to support a charity, what would it be and why?

I actually hold a charity event for Kumamoto Japan. Coz there was a huge earthquake about a month ago, and a lot of people needs help right now in Japan.


Photography: Irvin Rivera
Muse: Kiki Sukezane
Styling: Tyler McDaniel
Makeup: Fidel Gonzales
Hair: Rene Cortez
Nails Shirlee Ann Kerr
Photo Asst Phil Limprasertwong
Styling Asst Saran Jane Miller

Catch Kiki as Katana Girl on Heroes Reborn!