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Who is Keesha? Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I am an artist.  I love to create.  I always have been into music and acting and have felt at home on the stage.  I work remain humble and always try to stay grounded with any success that comes.  I am grateful to have found a great partner in my husband so early in my adult life and to be blessed with a beautiful son.  Really after that, everything else pales in comparison. 


How did acting start for you?

I was always into music growing up, cello, piano, clarinet and voice.  So of course as a singer, musicals become a natural progression and that is when I was introduced to acting and I found my new love.  I did more and more theater going to college, then moving to NYC.  Eventually all of this led to straight plays, TV and film. 


What are some of your first memories of film? Do you remember when you became aware of film?

I did grow up a little sheltered but I remember the Wizard of Oz being the first film that made an impact as a child.  It was another world and a vivid story.  I got older; I saw Yentl and knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life.  I literally wanted to be Barbra Streisand! 


Can you share some insight on your character in Lethal Weapon?

The thing that makes my character Trish such a joy to play is she is the realistic version of a Super Woman.  She is a high-powered defense attorney who makes a lot of money, a caring mom of three, extremely supportive of her husband and his career.  To top it off, she loves her wine and date nights with her husband. There is nothing she can't do. 



What character do you most relate to that you've played and which one is the least like you?

The character I can most relate to is Trish.  She is strong and bold but supportive and loving. 

The character I am least like is Monica from Girlfriends. Although there are always some similarities with me and any character I play, she was very bossy and in some ways a woman who wants a powerful man.  By the end of the series, Monica was more of a supportive wife with a bite and that was similar to me.


Do some roles stay with you even after the project is over? 

They all do.  I think any actor can say that a little piece of them remains with you always.


What has acting taught you about yourself?

In my personal life, I have a hard time opening up.  Acting allows me to explore all the emotional sensitivity in the characters and that has helped me open up in my real life. 


You've been a part of the entertainment industry for a while. Do you like how the industry has grown and developed?  

In some ways, it is fantastic and other ways not as much.  The great ways the industry has developed is the amount of content and the accessibility.  There are so many high quality programs on where several stories being told and so many artists working.  Things that used to be reserved only for movie theaters are now on digital platforms and TV it is very exciting.  In addition, there are more roles for women and people of color than ever before. I am very grateful to be getting more opportunities. 

One downside of the growth of the industry is the importance placed on social media popularity and reality programming.  Social media is a fantastic way to promote and connect. But in many ways social media status is placed above project status.  Reality programming such as The Amazing Race and Mysteries of the Museum can be fantastic ways to see the world we live in but there are others that can exploit people and I can’t say I like that. 


How did you deal with some of these changes? Was it a fluid transition for you or was there some resistance?

I still am struggling with the importance of social media growth.  I share what I like and try to educate myself on growth potential of that medium.  Honestly, I have never been very comfortable capturing every moment and sharing it to the world.  I LOVE my fans and appreciate them very much.  I just always love to focus first on the work that I am doing.  The Art has to come first and sometimes that can be forgotten. 


What is the proudest moment of your career so far? 

I would say, all of my jobs have been proud moments.  All for different reasons.  I LOVE what I do.


Do you have any upcoming projects your fans can get excited for?  

I have Season 2 of Lethal Weapon starting this fall on FOX. 

In addition, I play Buster Marshall opposite Chadwick Boseman in the film Marshall that opens nationwide on October 13th.

After that I have an action film with an important message in the works and even some new music! 


Top 3 favorite films

- Count of Monte Cristo 

- Shawshank Redemption

- Color Purple 


Top 3 music in your playlist right now? 

- Bruno Mars" 24K Magic" album. 

- Hamilton soundtrack 

- Jonny Lang “Turn Around “album


Book you’re currently reading: 

America’s Mistress


Any advice you can give to any aspiring artists out there? 

The best advice I can give to any aspiring artist is to be yourself and don’t allow anyone to change you.  Your path is your path.  Growth and improvement are important but you alone must fight the battles and stand with great courage in the face of adversity.  So, each call should be yours. 


If you’re going to have a book, what title would it be?

Gemini: It’s ok to be different.


If you had the chance and opportunity to help a specific charity, what would it be and why? 

I am very torn between several charities.  The first I love is Lava Mae, which provides mobile showers to help the homeless.  I believe people can make a change and feel motivated if they can get clean and feel someone cares.

The second is  We have built a few water wells globally with them.  It is an amazing feeling to know we have helped provide clean water to a village that had none. 

The last is A21 Campaign.  They work to stop Human Trafficking, which is a terrible epidemic worldwide. 






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