Young actor Keith L. Williams delivers comedy that is fresh and really funny. He also plays one of the three good boys who end up doing crazy things in the highly anticipated summer comedy GOOD BOYS. Plot started when three young boys got invited to a kissing party and not knowing how to kiss. From there, things got crazier.

The young actor is naturally funny and can make people laugh without even trying to.

In this exclusive interview, read through William’s acting journey so far, working with his castmates in the film, his dream to work with Maya Rudolph and discover why Williams is definitely one young actor to watch in Hollywood.



How long have you been acting?

I’ve been acting since I was eight years old. I started acting after seeing my older brother do it. After two months of auditioning, I booked my first commercial which was a Verizon commercial and I never stopped since.

What’s your most memorable audition story?

It was a Chex cereal commercial that I went for. I went in the audition room not knowing that there were any lines. I came out crying because everybody else knew their lines. I totally thought I wasn’t going to get it and then as we’re leaving, I learned that I booked the audition.




Tell us about your movie Good Boys.

Good Boys is about three best friends who got invited to a kissing party. Thing is, they don’t know how to kiss. They get this idea to fly a drone and spy on these young girls with their boyfriends to see if they’re going to kiss. But it all spirals out of control. The drone breaks, then they have to fix it before the dad gets back and it got crazier and crazier. The Good Boys end up doing a lot of bad stuff.


What’s the best part about playing your character Lucas?

It’s fun to play Lucas. It’s probably because me and Lucas are exactly alike. We have exactly the same personality. So when I was acting I can basically just be myself.


How was it to work with your cast mates?

It was super fun. From day one we were all like best friends. There was never a dull moment on set. We were always laughing. Our characters are best friends. We’re all best friends.


Who is the funniest person on-set?

Jacob and Brady are both funny but I would say me. I always made people laugh without even trying to.


Favorite moment from the film?

My favorite moment of the film was probably the last scene that we shot- the convenience store scene.

Jacob and I were supposed to be in a middle of a conversation talking about how there is a cop there and Brady was supposed to walk out with a beer in his pants. But while we were talking he chose to lean on the shelf where all the juices were and all the juices just fell down. We all laughed the rest of that day.



What projects or role do you dream to be in?

I dream to be in a role with Maya Rudolph. The genre that I wanna be in is probably a drama. I don’t do drama mostly and I am a comedy, so yeah.


How do you manage your schedule?

We manage it day by day. My schedule is waking up, going to the gym, getting home and doing some school work. We plan different stuff day by day.


If you were a book, what book would you be and why?

I’ll probably be a reptile book because I love animals and I have a gecko of my own. You don’t really know what they’re thinking. So that will be fun to be up close and personal with them.



Catch Keith L Williams in the movie GOOD BOYS out now in theaters nationwide.