British actor, Edward Bluemel known for his role as Marcus Whitmore in A Discovery Of Witches is taking the industry by storm with numerous projects debuting simultaneously.

Be on the lookout for this rising star as A Discovery Of Witches releases in America along with his role in Netflix’s Sex Education, Killing Eve and UK’s newest drama, Traitors.

In our exclusive interview, Edward talks acting and shares about his experiences on all of the exciting projects that he’s been a part of.



Hi, Edward! Thank you for your time. Tell us a little about your story. Who is Edward Bluemel?

Well I think IMDb said it best when it said “Edward Bluemel is an actor and writer*, known for The Commuter (2018)**, The Halcyon (2017) and A Discovery of Witches (2018)”. Other than that I am originally from Somerset, my parents are both science teachers, my sister an illustrator and my brother a lawyer turned pastor. My love of acting came from a young age essentially when I realised that I could use it to justify being really loud and attention seeking.

*Definitely not a writer

**I was in that for between five and seven seconds



Are you anything like your character Marcus in A Discovery Of Witches?

I’d like to think I am. He’s loyal, very easy going and doesn’t take himself too seriously which are great traits to have. He’s also prone to cracking the wrong joke at the wrong time which is a definite similarity. As of yet, however, I’m yet to drink someone’s blood straight from the neck so there’s still room for improvement.

You have a lot exciting projects coming out in 2019. What’s been your favorite one to work on?

They were all so much fun to work on. It was amazing to work on Netflix’s Sex Education as it was the first time I’ve worked with a cast of majority young people and the level of talent and excitement was brilliant. Killing Eve was also great because there was just such a buzz around set after the public reaction to season one and I got to work with some incredible experienced actors and actresses.

Do you get the opportunity to travel a lot for work?

I have been very lucky to a couple of times. I just got back from shooting in Rome which was beautiful. I also filmed in the Sahara earlier this year right in the middle of summer. It was 49 degrees Celsius and even the snake we were filming with was being a diva because it was too hot. On top of that we were in period costume so it was a very, very sweaty experience but the hotel made a banging tajine so peaks and troughs really. It was also a great opportunity for me to reenact my favourite Tatooine scenes from Star Wars. 

What’s your favorite type of role to play?

Anyone or anything that can elicit an audible wince from an audience. Last year I was in a play called ‘Touch’ at the Soho Theatre where I played a very inappropriate and salacious office intern with a penchant for older women. Some of his lines and quips were so cutting and well written that you could palpably hear the audience squirm when I said them which was very satisfying.

What’s your dream role or project?

I try not to pin myself down by having my aspirations too set in stone. I would love to do a Shakespeare play at some point though. And some sci fi. And maybe a combination of the two. 


What keeps you inspired?

Working alongside brilliant people. I’ve been so lucky to work with such fantastic directors, crews and performers in the last couple of years. While filming Killing Eve it was amazing to regularly be doing scenes opposite Sandra Oh who is the epitome of finesse on screen and class off it. As well as this, I’m also inspired by the cold empty dread of unemployment. 

Aside from acting, what else do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Closing the curtains, turning out the lights and forcing guests to listen to the entirety of the experimental Lo-Fi EP I recorded in my bedroom a few years ago. It’s received mixed to poor reviews so far. 

If you were a book, what type of book would you be and why?

The Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy because I think I’m more seductive than I am and can often be found in charity shops. 

If you could help any charity or organization, which one would it be and why?

Open Door is a fantastic organization which helps fund people auditioning for drama schools in Britain who might not be able to pay otherwise. The ridiculous cost of auditioning for the top schools is little known outside the industry and it’s so important that we are training people of every background to create as diverse an art as we can. 

See Edward as Marcus Whitmore in A Discovery of Witches.