SONIA does not play Games

A collaboration with artist and songwriter PJ, “Games” details Sonia’s “first heartbreak and feeling betrayed” with a dynamic vocal performance and undeniable groove. “Games” is the follow up to her first single “Joyride” off her upcoming EP (November 2019)





SONIA’s music tosses and turns amidst waves of smoothly seductive vocal transmissions and cavernous nocturnal production. The 20-year-old Paris-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer draws her artistic inspiration from many different genres; from classical music to urban contemporary to R&B. Her fashion-forward aesthetic admittedly owes more to French New Wave heroines a la Brigitte Bardot than to social media-ready trends.

Hailing from Paris, SONIA came from a culturally and creatively diverse background, explaining “I always felt I was made up of different cultural identities, which was confusing but also very enriching.” Her father hailed from Tunisia in North Africa, while mom grew up in Poland. Both parents played music and worked in the entertainment industry as Sonia picked up piano at just five-years-old, learning the works of Bach and Chopin.

SONIA devoted two years to writing and recording what would become the ‘SONIA’ EP. Hitting the studio with Daheala [The Weeknd, Halsey, Future] as executive producer, she also worked alongside the likes of Ben Billions [Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy], The ANMLS [Belly, The Weeknd], Dayyon Alexander, J Moon, and more.

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