PARK SUBIN's strawberry-smooth k-pop tunes

She’s not just a pop-star but she is also a model, a singer- songwriter and someone who loves photography and poetry. Park Subin is a multi-layered artist who delivers smooth and soulful pop beats that captured the hearts of her audience.

In this interview, the artist opens up about her origins, being a part of Dalshabet, and making music in Los Angeles.



What’s your story?

I have been influenced by my mother who loves music and art since elementary school. I can sleep under my mother's speaker with various genres and was able to read hundreds of lyrics on papers that mom showed me. These memories from my mom became my great influence.

When I was 15 years old, I made a bomb announcement and signed with a model academy in Seoul and had a discussion with my dad who opposed my decision.

I was not accustomed to shoes and [walking on] the subway. I remember when I was walking around all day long and only had a single energy bar a day [for a diet] but I was so happy because I had a dream.

After about a year, I went to entertainment and met the Dalshabet’s CEO. At first, he told me that I was too young but I told him back It is never too early to learn.

So I was a singer who dreamed and finally became a singer, but it seemed to show a lot of different things to the public than music.

I was so busy with my personal schedule that when I had an overturning car accident and all the schedules were canceled and I had to rest for a year and six months,

During that time, all I could think about was the music that I really wanted to do well so I studied a lot of popular music to be selected from the list of comeback comic songs.

After that, I kept writing my own songs to show my own colors more. I had a great feeling that I wanted to show it is Subin, not Dalshabet Subin. Although I always put my face down in the album cover but my fans understood my music so it's so happy now.

Dress:  Lam Gia Khang

How is it like to be a part of a band with other female members?

Dalshabet members are my best partners and my best friends in life.

I always pray and thank God that I met the members of the Dalshabet at a perfect timing when I was growing up in my youth.

They are sisters who are righteous, simple and always devoted to the group.


Dress:  Subtle Simple

Are you still modeling in Korea?

When I am doing modeling, I feel like I audition in front of a designer. 

I was supposed to focus on body shape than walking skill so I was on a diet all the time. I submit my profile to all those model agencies in Korea and I learned a lot from it. But the very short moment that the spotlight and all the gaze of the show come to me at once is really exciting. I was proud of myself I take a pose at the end of the runway.

We learned that aside from singing, you also like photography. What kind of Photos do you like to capture?

I like the photos in magazines. I go around a lot of exhibitions, and I like big photos that tells story from people. So I see a lot of magazine photos that I can get more easily.

Nowadays, I can see a lot of photographs by using Instagram, so I try to look at lots of portraits.

Dress:  Subtle Simple

What inspires you?

Everything that gives me feelings inspires me.

I am influenced by places, songs; anything could give me good vibe. I like to listen to many different things; people, travel around various places, or just walk the streets. A lot of things affect me.

What are your thoughts on the rapid popularity of K-pop in the world and how do you see yourself growing with it?

I was happy to see a lot of people interested in K-pop while staying in LA.

I was able to listen to K-pop playing from different kinds of stores in L.A. I think K-pop is growing fast, but I think there are Korean artists that have been paving the ground for a long time. I am very grateful that I am committed to show good music to many fans overseas.

Top:  Lam Gia Khang   Earring:  COS

Top: Lam Gia Khang

Earring: COS

Do you have a special project in the works? Something new for your fans?

I'm working on a new album since the beginning of this year and I'm still working on it to get better quality. I took a picture on LA. I had lots of good spots. I worked with people who love my music. I hope this album will be a chance to show you more visuals by listening to Subin's songs.

Dress:  Lam Gia Khang   Earring:  COS

Dress: Lam Gia Khang

Earring: COS


If you are a book, what kind of book are you and why?

A poem mixed with pictures!

I always have a habit of taking notes. It helps a lot of when I am working on the lyrics but I like those words are not supposed to use for my lyrics because they are more challenging. I want to be a poet because I can express myself more using words.

Dress: Subtle Simple  Earring:  Zara

Dress: Subtle Simple

Earring: Zara

Do you have any advice to any aspiring singer/artist? 


When I play idol, I do a lot of research on what the public likes and I try hard to do things that people like. There are times when I lose 'what I really like' in the process.

I would like to do it in parallel. It is a conversation with my family or a hobby. The thing that many K-pop fans want most is that our singers are healthy in body and mind!

Dress:  Subtle Simple

If you will be given the chance to help any charity, what would it be and why?


I have a child I am sponsoring in the Philippines through the 6th year through compassion association. This kid sends a picture to me every year. I am so proud this kid is growing up well. I want to do a lot of service for children. I would like to meet many children and send love to them. And it was so nice that I was able to see Goodwill Store in LA. Dalshabet’s supported Goodwill Store sometime ago and I think their quality is good.