Equality is the biggest topic that can be discussed. Rather it's race, gender, creed, or social status, these issues are being brought to full attention in today's society. We created this editorial to empower those without a voice. In each setting, a different form of oppression is represented through these amazing avant-garde designs. From the opening scene, representing the wrongly incarcerated through a letter to an inmate's family member put into dress form. "White Silence" & "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" are shown in the following looks to bring awareness to the "Black Lives Matter" Movement. Equal Rights is displayed in the next look as the model is leaping from the gates of confinement. To represent the feeling of freedom for those hindered by the old laws for the LGBT community as she wears a beautiful design created from a Gay Rights Billboard. To end, the most powerful message is shown through the model's emotion, for equal rights for women. This was a story, told through fashion. To be equal is everyone's born right. To love is everyone's purpose. - Phil Keophaphone

Photography: CHUCK ARLUND

Styling/Creative Director: PHIL KEOPHAPHONE


Hair & Makeup: BOI BOY