Grooming: KEON CRUZ



Instagram: @tylertucktylertuck

Instagram: @tylertucktheartist

Nickname(s): WillyMoss, Ty

Hometown: Canon City, Colorado

Who is Tyler tuck? If you can describe yourself to us with any of your artworks, which one would it be?

I can't, because I have this constant drive to continue to make a masterpiece. Thus my art & I will forever be evolving as I continue to grow as a Man and as an Artist. I can say though through my art, I depict my free spirit with love for all things that I find truly beautiful and deeply inspiring.

You seem to have immersed yourself within the arts considering that you’re a MODEL, an ACTOR, a MUSICIAN, a SINGER, & a VISUAL ARTIST.  How do you juggle all those things? Do you have a particular favorite?

Wow looks crazy on paper huh? Hahaha. I have to say I am truly blessed and grateful to be given these talents. And I would be a fool not to express myself to the fullest. I would be doing God an injustice. I find that all my creative outlets have an ebb and flow. Some weeks I will be desperately inspired to create and work on my paintings. Other weeks I will be lost in movies and studying my craft as an actor. These outlets I have all work together to break through any blocks I have building a bigger picture as the artist I will be in the future. I have always been an Artist and painting & drawing come to me with an ease. But as an actor I will constantly be honing in on my craft to bring you the best I can possibly be. This acting is my main M.O.

How would you describe your art? 

I love painting the woman's figure. I find it extremely sexy from every curve to every imperfection. I love to depict MUSIC And LOVE in a lot of my pieces. But I just want to inspire you. To let your own light shine.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

From all things. Honestly. My eye for beauty fades in and out of my dreams. My inspiration is a constant search for all things beautiful in this world.


Did you attend any art schools or did everything just come naturally to you out of creative expression? Do you come from a family of artists? 

El Natural baby. My brothers are very musically inclined. But, I find that through my modeling career I now have more time to fully indulge myself into the Arts. 

Give us a glimpse inside your processes. How do you usually produce/create your art pieces? 

I don't even know. Hahaha! Ah it is different every time. But usually it starts from a small sketch then I love to make it big and through this process it evolves into what I call a finished piece. 

What is your most memorable project? 

The epic 8 foot tall piece I am working on currently. It is an angel holding a crystal galaxy orb.  It's a work in progress though :) 

What has been your most challenging creation and why? 

This is a good question. I find that when your heart is into something you truly love nothing is a challenge. And so far till this point I have done what I've done out of love.

Which art form do you lean towards to the most? Is there anything specific? (modeling, acting, music, drawing, etc)

I love them all, it's who I am. And one without the other just wouldn't fly! That being said my main goal is to become the next Brad Pitt! And all of my creative outlets will carry me to becoming the actor I see myself being. A lot of work to do but dreams come true :)

We breifly talked about your art exhibit during our photoshoot. any exact dates yet? What’s coming up for you in the next few months/years? What are your big plans?

Not just yet! But I will definitely let you know. Just staying focused and taking everyday as it comes. 

Book that you’re currently reading:

In and out of a couple right now. "Walt Whitman's Collective of Greatest Poetry and Prose." And I just finished Don Miguel Ruis' " The Mastery Of Love". 

If you’re going to have a book, what title would it be?

"Fuck Everything" nah jk jk. I really don't know. I would most likely title it when it was finished.