Photography: KEVIN ROLDAN 

Agency/Agencies: MP Mega Miami
Hometown: Hallandale Beach, FL
Current Location: Miami, FL
Nickname/s: Friends from Highschool used to call me T - wak & weez . I'm known as the Tasmanian devil though haha . Family calls me Tay Tay
Instagram: @Taytazmaniandevil

Tell us your story.
I was born in Hallandale Beach. I grew up in Miami and I was a bit of a wild child and got into some trouble . When I was 18, I decided that  college wasn't for me and signed with Boom models in Milan and went out there for a bit.

Started traveling and modeling over the next few years . Now I'm back to doing (modeling) stuff locally and in NY. I am currently working in other things now to stay busy.

I got scouted at the mall at 18 and was signed a week later. The rest has been a rollercoaster. I love rock and roll, MMA, fashion, basketball, surfing, and my fiancée and family

Tell us more about your hometown.

Hallandale is a quiet town with lots of Russians and Canadians . Nice place to live. I'm a Broward boy as we call it

Where are you currently based? Which city do you see yourself in?

I'm currently in Aventura, Fl. 30 minute drive from my bookings which are usually down south. I see myself making an appearance in NY again forsure and possibly the Italy/France shows next year

What inspired you to be a model?

Fashion, travel, new people, simple labor. It's a rare chance a few people have. Also the excitement, new cultures and the list goes on ! ;)

How long have you been modeling?

On and off since 18. Now I am 25

What's the best part of being a model?

Feeling special for the way you look. I get down on myself a lot about things that I wasn't able to do. But I'm proud that I have received recognition for the way I look. It's rare and it's a special feeling as long as you remain humble . 

What's your most memorable experience in modeling so far?

So many good ones! I had a trip to Switzerland with DJ Antoine couple years back for a music video . I stayed in the mountains and it was amazing to see such a beautiful city with one of its most recognized celebrities . 

How do you manage your time as a model?

I stay busy in other business also, I try to schedule one week at a time to get my jobs all lined up correctly. It's always different so staying organized is key

Top 3 songs on your playlist right now.

Spin you around- Nirvana
Pain- Pusha T and Future
Tweet Me baby- Antonio Piccicato

Early Bird or Night Owl?


What is your dream project?

Create my own line of menswear someday even if it's just for fun. 

Dream client?


What comes next after modeling?

My life is always changing so who knows. But definitely marketing events, real estate & environmental work

Advice to any aspiring models out there?

Stay humble, be patient, be positive, be YOURSELF

Book that you're currently reading

The Art of war by SUN TZU

If you are going to have a book title, what would it be and why?
 "Journey to the Horizon"

I have had a lot of dark times in my life, I want to fight always to find the light. No matter what. 

If you will be given the chance and opportunity to help a specific charity, what would it be and why? 

The children in Africa. I always saw the commercials growing up and was in awe at the difference in our lives. Anything to help those children would be my choice