Here's an editorial story with America's Next Top Model alum Nina Burns who possess the lightest spirit and also the fiercest soul. She can not only hula her way to the top but she can also move and deliver a story like no other. Nina is a perfect muse.

Photography: Irvin Rivera

Styling: Phil Limprasertwong

Makeup: Sifa SItani

Hair: Cherry Petenbrink

Describe us your story in a nutshell.

My story?! Well, I'm Nina. I was born in Texas and I grew up in New Jersey. I found my purpose and meaning when I started sneaking out and going to underground raves in NYC via NJ transit when I was about 16.

I picked up Hula hoop dancing and two best friends who were photographers. I was in NYC just about every day shooting, dancing, or just hanging out with good people. After graduating highschool and my first semester at LIM college, I took the photos I've been taking for years with my hula hoop in hand and auditioned to be on America's Next Top Model.

I got on! I made it extremely far in the running, travelled the world, and experienced everything reality TV had to offer in just 2months.

After ANTM, I moved back to NYC in the east village, started performing with my hula hoop at various clubs around NYC, but didn't sign with an agency until about 6 months later when Paragon Model Management reached out to sign me in Mexico City.

Through them I worked as a model in Mexico City for another 6months and then signed with an agency in Hong Kong! Ever since coming back to the U.S. from China, I've constantly modeled and performed in NYC and LA modeling and pursuing acting. Current Location: Los Angeles :)

What inspired you to be a model?

My friends telling me I could do it! My mom telling me I could do it! From doing it to loving the art I was creating and being the end product of a creative team's vision. 

Since the show ended, you’ve come so far in terms of modeling. How did the show help you further your career as a model?

A lot of clients want to work with Nina Burns.

It's like being somewhat of a celebrity. How weird/cool is that?

If you can compare your experience in the show with a food, what would it be?

Sushi. Complicated procedure, yet rolled up in to one tiny, simple bite that has multiple elements.

Tell us your most memorable experience in modeling so far.

Mexico City. The friends I've made there are unforgettable. Also the tacos are TO DIE FOR. 

Favorite hair color

 Magenta ;). Circa 2011.

Book that you’re currently reading

 YOU are a badass. -Jen Sincero

What else keeps you busy aside from modeling?

 Hula hoop dancing!

Dream project?

If I told you I might have to kill you ;) 

Currently binge watching _____

GREY'S ANATOMY. omg. There's like 10 seasons.


What’s the favorite song on your playlist right now?


Gosh that's hard. Anything from Spazzkid's album, Desire. 

If you’re going to have a book,  what title would it be?


Rainbow is my favorite color.