Instagram: @madelinemcinnis

Agencies: LA Models, Major Models NYC, Urban Models Milan

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Tell us about your story.

I'm a dancer of 15 years and transitioned into modeling when I was 16. I moved to Milan and worked around the world in Fashion Week! After half a year I decided to live a bit closer to family/hometown which is in Las Vegas... so I got a place in West Hollywood and worked with LA Models. After 2 months of being in LA I got an unexpected call from Katia Sherman, (president of Major Models in NY) saying "we want you to walk for us in this seasons New York Fashion Week, I am now looking at flights for you to come to our NY office tomorrow. Pack your bags!" So I did. I dropped everything I had in the mid winter 75 degree weather of LA and got shipped off to NY for 2 months in the bitter cold. And it was amazing. I walked in 7 shows that FW including Alice & Olivia, Vivienne Hu, Hakan Akkaya, and more! I couldn't stand leaving Manhattan, but when I came back to LA I approached it in a new way. I have been picked out and shot by the amazing Tyler Sheilds! I have been acting along with modeling, dancing, and yoga. I started at a studio on Lankershim called Playhouse West which has developed such stars as James Franco, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jim Carrey. So that has been my story up until today where I am working on my craft of acting and becoming the best me I can be! With the help of my Boyfriend David Karlak, who is a Film/VR Director and has inspired and opened me up to this whole new world and outlook!

Tell us more about your hometown.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas!
I'm the baby of the family with 3 older brothers... so I basically always got my way! I attended the Grammy award winning Performing Arts High School Las Vegas Academy as a dance major. 


Where are you currently located?

Echo Park, Los Angeles


Where are you currently based? Which city do you see yourself in?

I see myself in Los Angeles for long while. With the occasional traveling opportunity for work or vacation. I love to travel!

How did modeling start for you? How were you scouted?

I was scouted by a mother agent in Las Vegas that saw potential in me and taught me the ins and outs of this industry. When I was ready she got me signed and working with Urban Models in Milan. 


What inspired you to be a model?

I was always the tall and lanky girl in dance/school. I knew that my options were to graduate high school and go to college for dance, or use my talent in other industries and travel the world while doing it. My heart was definitely tugged toward the path that lead me here today. Not one part of me ever regrets that. 


How long have you been modeling?

2 1/2 years

What's the best part of being a model?

It's definitely a strange life with different opportunities and perks most people don't get. I'd say my favorite parts would be collaborating with people to create something brilliantly beautiful, or the free entry to concerts, festivals, and all that nonsense!


What's your most memorable experience in modeling so far?

The call I got from the president of Major Models Katia Sherman inviting me to NYFW!


How do you manage your time as a model?

If I'm not shooting for a clothing line or walking the runway, then I'm working on the craft of acting. Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse! I also like to sweat it off in a Bikram Yoga class!

Top 3 songs on your playlist right now.

Rich Girl- Hall & Oates
It's a Vibe- 2 chains
Heartache On The Dance Floor- Jon Pardi


Early Bird or Night Owl?


What is your dream project?

To film a movie where I can use my convincing Russian Accent I picked up in the model apartments!


Dream client?

Jeremy Scott MOSCHINO


Proudest moment of your career.

Everytime an agency has sent me a ticket to fly and work for them.

Tell us something that a regular non-industry person may not know about modeling and the fashion industry itself.

It's not all easy & glamorous. There is so much time and dedication that goes into even booking one job. Looks are just one piece of the pie. 


Aside from modelling, what else keeps you busy?



What comes next after modeling?

Becoming an Actress that is as honest and truthful to my true self.


Advice to any aspiring models out there?

For every NO there is a YES! Don't give up, because this industry is full of rejection. Stay strong and be true to yourself, they'll come around!


Book that you're currently reading

Sanford Meisner's Book on Acting


If you are going to have a book title, what would it be and why?

Discoveries of Me
Why? I'm always discovering new things that interest me and change my interpretation of myself and goals. If I'm finding a new industry or perfecting an old gift, there's so much to discover!

If you had the chance and opportunity to help a specific charity, what would it be and why?

Los Angeles Mission which is a homeless shelter/charity. Too many people are starving with no place to go and no one to help them. I often put myself in their shoes and think what it would be like. I strive to help humanity and give what I can to better lives.