Photography: IRVIN RIVERA



Agency/Agencies: Niya Model Management (Utah), NEXT LA, Fusion (NYC), Elite Milano
Hometown: Middleton, ID
Current Location: Milan, Italy
Nickname: Code
Instagram: @imgilman
Twitter: @imgilman

Who is Cody Gilman? Tell us your story.

I moved 16 times before I found Middleton, where I finished middle school and high school. I am 23 and love traveling. I love not knowing where I will be more than a month out. I love to play all sports and run almost every day. I like long walks on the beach and would love to find someone who loves to cuddle as much as I do.

Tell us about your hometown.

My hometown of Middleton, ID is very country. We had a population under 5,000 people. We got our first stop light my senior year. Across from our high school, there was a gigantic onion field and on the other side was a pheasant farm owned my family friends. Summers were spent at the rail road tracks and river where we would bridge jump and swim.

What inspired you to be a model?

I have always loved fashion, I was just embraced to admit it to anyone. Being able to work with designers and see behind the scenes is a dream come true.

How were you scouted? 

I was scouted by my mother agency NIYA via Instagram.

How long have you been modeling?

I got my first paid modeling job January of 2014.

Tell us about your earliest modeling gig. Can you still remember it? How was it?

My first Modeling job was PORTS 1961 with Milan Vukmirovic. I flew first class to Milan, Italy, and shot all day and night. It was an AMAZING experience.

What’s your favorite part in being a model?

I get to travel and meet with different designers and photographers around the world.

Tell us about your most memorable experience so far.

My most memorable experience is flying to Puerto Rico for Nordstrom. A handful of models were picked to be live mannequins for the stores grand opening. We stayed in the most beautiful resort on the ocean. I had my own corner suit that had glass walls reveling the most perfect ocean view. The last night we were there, all of the models went out to eat and then decided to go back to the resort to swim in the ocean.
When we got to the ocean, everyone got naked and swam for about an hour. The water was so warm and that had to be one of the most magical nights of my life.

How do you manage your time?

I wake up around 8 am, eat, get organized for the day. I usually go to the gym by 8:30.
I read a lot of books. It really depends where I am living and if I have castings that day.

If you can compare your modeling experiences with your favorite song, what would it be and why?

Fucked my Way to the Top, by Lana Del Rey. That is pretty much all this industry is.

If you're going to be in a Lana Del Rey music video, which one and why?

I would be in the YAYO music video. I think it is her sexiest song and I would love to be here DADDY!

You can eat. And that's amazingly rare and surprising because usually people think that models don't eat. How do you do that and maintain the physique that you have?

I really watch what I eat. I try to stay away from processed foods. I have recently been eating gluten free when I have an option. I stay away from dairy (except eggs) and bread. It is working so far, so why stop.

What else keeps you busy aside from modeling?

Running, reading, music and meeting up with friends takes up pretty much all of my time.

What comes next after modeling?

I want to live in an exotic place away from all social media and work a normal job and enjoy my life.

Any advice you can give to any aspiring models out there?

If you do what you love and are your true authentic self doing it, you will be happy. If you want to model to become famous, you will never be happy.

Dream project?

If I got to work with fashion Icons Donatella Versace and Lady Gaga. I would be able to die happy.

Dream Client?

I admire Tom Ford and his vision. I love his elegance and the sophisticated look of his work. On the other hand, Oliver Rousting creates clothes that I dream of. Balmain is killing the game and I could only dream that I will be able to meet him one day and maybe even model for him.

Tell us a secret.

I want to be Beyoncé.

Currently binge watching _____

I am Obsessed with American Horror Story season 6! I die after every episode.

If you’re gonna have a book what title would it be?

How to NOT Get Kicked out of Celebrity Parties"

If you will be given the chance and opportunity to help a specific charity, what would it be and why?

I would like to make a foundation that helped models feel safer in this industry. To help protect them from sexual and emotional abuse.