It is officially my favorite time of year, which I have affectionately dubbed- FASHION SEASON. Not only because we are in the midst of New York Fashion Week, which means I see runway shows from all over the globe for a month (insert 5 minute break dance here) but it is also Awards Season! And this means red carpet appearances featuring the world’s most beautiful and sought after fashions.


As the viewing audience, we can’t wait to see how our favorite celebrity will thrill us.


On these carpets, we are given the opportunity to see an actress as herself and not in the role of a character.  If she loves glamour and opulence we find out by the three foot long train on a heavily embellished gown.


Your favorite actor who rides a Harley in his spare time allows us to witness how cool he is the moment he steps onto the red carpet in a navy blue velvet suit.


My excitement for Fashion Week and award show red carpets reminds me that fashion is one of the ways we choose to speak.


For instance, when waiting for my luggage at the baggage claim, I can’t wait to see who owns the leopard print roller bag in a sea of black suitcases. I view these Los Angeles sidewalks as I would any front row runway show. I came for all the drama and eccentricities!


So that jewel colored sequined blouse that was too beautiful for you not to snag from your grandmother? Rock it!


Those perfectly tailored orange slacks that you’re saving for “the right place”?  Rock ‘em!


That bold printed scarf that you love and never wear because you fear you will stand out? You guessed it – Rock the shit out of it!


It’s your runway. we’re just here to watch you shine.