YOKAI WONDERLAND: More from YUMOTO Koichi Collections: Supernatural Beings in Japanese Art

April 1, 2018  Author:  Koichi Yumoto  (b.1950) : Collector and researcher of yokai art. Former curatorial director of the Kawasaki City Museum. 

April 1, 2018

Author: Koichi Yumoto (b.1950) : Collector and researcher of yokai art. Former curatorial director of the Kawasaki City Museum. 


This book’s colorful cover art may give you the impression that it’s another children’s book but you really shouldn’t judge any book by its cover anyway

YOKAI WONDERLAND: More from YUMOTO Koichi Collections: Supernatural Beings in Japanese Art is a gorgeous breathtakingly comprehensive collection of Japanese art featuring yokai (the monsters of Japanese folklore). It was recently released by PIE International last April 1, 2018.


This book will is your ticket to the weird, beautiful, bizarre and highly spiritual nature of Japanese culture.

You will find lots of interesting things here like ogres, spider creatures, ghosts, animal spirits, giant centipedes and demons.


All of the works featured in this book are from the exceptional personal collection of Koichi Yumoto, a historian and former curatorial director of the Kawasaki City Museum whose commentary on the works and history of yokai is included in the book. YOKAI WONDERLAND reveals Japanese history and culture as you’ve never seen it before, and will enthrall Japanese art lovers, existing fans of yokai, and those who are new to these fascinating supernatural creatures alike.

A huge chunk of this book is a about the Yumoto Koichi Collection.


It is the largest personal collection of Yokai art in Japan: around 3,000 works which range from the Edo period to the present day. These include paintings, woodblock prints, scrolls, ceramics, kimonos , wooden sculptures, magazines, children’s toys, board games and more.

The intricately detailed illustrations and photos from this book aim to give an overview of the path the yokai have taken, constantly evolving as they continue to intrigue us.


The texts inside are in with English translations.

The print is gorgeous. I love matte inside pages that provides additional character and gives you a good sense of history as you browse through the whole book.  

Yokai Wonderland is a perfect book for the collectors and the curious souls with who is drawn to history and Japanese culture.


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