Who is Lucas? If you can describe yourself to us with any of your photos/art, which one would it be?

Oh I don't know who am I but definitely I’m all of my works so I'm constantly changing but I'm still strange and undefinable.


When did photography / art start for you?

She was always everywhere.


You do photography, illustration, painting, mixed media, (add other art forms that you do), How would you describe your art?

I think that everything that I do is elaborated and calm but looking at my works from a distant perspective, you can see how much I am disorganized, I still mix styles and techniques every series is completely different. I don't understand how some people whole life still paint identical images ...


What inspires you?

Everything around me small details in ordinary things but also I take a lot from others it is unbelievable how many things we can see even on your phone while riding the metro even while browsing instagram.


Where did you draw your artistic education from?

I think that more seriously it all started in art high school and still takes place at the academy of fine arts.


Give us a glimpse inside your processes. How do you usually produce / create your art pieces?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and work until I fall asleep on my works, but sometimes I think about something for weeks, until I start it and take a few minutes and do something I'm happy about.


What is your most memorable project yet?

I do not have one; they are all like my children. I know some give me more joy and others are a little bit oppressive, but they are all equally important to me.


What is your most challenging creation and why?

Almost everything I do about myself and on myself, so the hardest thing is to admit some things to yourself and then confront it with your audience, and at the end you are alone with their evaluation.


Do you have any particular favorite from your portfolio?

I think that these three pictures, I would like to be rated like I am show myself on them. Independent and powerful that one you can't spoiled, I am somewhere farther inaccessible and independent as if I stand next to all and everything.


Dream Project.

I do not plan anything and I do not assume what I do is what I feel and the only thing I am dream about it is that in the future I will be doing what I want.


There is clearly some fashion influence in some of your works. Would you say that your art is influenced by fashion as well?

I like fashion but I would not say that it affects my art but it certainly has a lot of influence on me.

We can't escape from it, fashion is everywhere and it accompanies us more than any other field.


Which art form do you lean towards to the most? Is there anything specific? (Photography, illustration, etc)

Too fast everything bore me to choose a particular field everything depends on what I wants to achieve or what I want.


What’s coming up for you in the next few months/years? What are your big plans?

I am currently working on designing and publishing a directory/book with my pieces but it is a very long term project.


Book that you’re currently reading.

Currently nothing concrete but every now and then I go back to my two favorite books there is The Little Prince and Naked Lunch.