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Tell us a about your story? Who is Sterling the actor and Sterling as a person?

That's a Loaded Question. Let's start with the basics. I was born in Southern California. From the second I was exposed to this industry [I knew] it's all I wanted to be a part of. I've been working in it since I was a toddler and want to do this until I die. 


You have been acting and killing it before 7. How did acting start for you? What inspired you to be an actor? Does being the grandson of actor Martin Beaumon influence you at all?

It was a snowball effect.  My mom started exposing me to the arts for the time I was a baby. Doing modeling , taking me to classes and shows. Anytime I was in that environment I just wanted to preform and entertain. I definitely think I inherited that from my grandfather.


Do you remember your first acting audition and gig? 

Honestly it's was so long ago I don't have a conscious memory of it!


What is your craziest audition experience?

I've had a couple crazy ones, horrible ones, and amazing ones. Everyone does. It's just part of the game. Sometimes you walk in a room and nobody even looks up. Other times you feel like the king. But I think the worst is when you know it's going south and you know you gotta cut it off and leave. Those happened a handful of times out of thousands of meetings and auditions.

The absolute worst though was one time I got really sick right as I got to an audition. It wasn't nerves or anything but right as I get out of the elevator I projectile vomit all over the hallway and then again outside the locked bathroom. I went outside walked across the street to gather myself, went back and did the audition. I didn't tell them it was me, but if they are reading this now I'm terribly sorry. 


Let’s delve deeper into acting. How was it to be a part of a breakthrough series like LOST?

Lost was truly a life changing experience that I will be eternally grateful to have been a part of. Lost was the job in my young life that made this s real career for me. It gave me legitimacy in the industry.  


With the diversity of the characters and roles you portrayed on screen from teenage serial killers on TV Dramas such as Law and Order (SVU) and Criminal Minds, to being the voice of ASTROBOY, to being Max in Mostly Ghostly, would you say that you have any specific favorite role to play?

Definitely can't pick a favorite. Not for any reason. They are all so different and I love that. And every set was such an amazing learning experience I wouldn't trade anyone for another. I'm just so lucky to have been a part of them all!  


How was it to play Glenn Stevens from Law & Order: True Crime — The Menendez Murders? Tell us more about your character and your importance in the show.

Having watched over 30 hours of documentary footage on the brothers, reading every article I could find, and doing as much personal research about Glenn Himself I did everything I could to be ready to portray a real person who's life was changed by this event.

It was so excited getting to shed new light on such an old mystery. Glenn Stevens was Lyle's best friend from Princeton, a Collage Hockey Player. Having been Lyle’s long-time friend, He became Lyle's business partner after the murders and is with Lyle during most key moments leading up to his arrest. He also played a big role in the court trials. Edie Falco stars as Defense attorney, Leslie Abramson.


What is your greatest achievement in your career so far? 

That's a tough question. It's always hard to get an artist to choose any project over another but probably the episode of the killing that the late Jonathan Demme directed. 



If you aren’t acting, what are you doing?

When I’m not acting, I am hanging with my friends, staying fit, and working on developing new projects and also I love to play hockey. 


How do you balance your time? 

Always tough but I handle every day as it comes. I tackle the most important task I can find for myself or that is placed in front of me every day. 


What is your dream role? Dream project? 

I think to work with more amazing artists, directors and producers. Like which actor wouldn't wanna be in Martin Scorsese 's next movie. I would love to also work with Fincher, Tarantino, Nolan, Howard. But also some really artsy Dudes too like Malick and Gasper Noe. That's just a few of the amazing people that come to mind that I would love to work with. 


Any upcoming projects that can get your fans excited? 

I'm developing a couple things. That should be coming to fruition by next year. 


TV shows or movies that inspired you acting career?

Soooo many. Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Entourage, Dexter, House of Cards, Black Mirror, Mr Robot. Many more too! 


Best decision you made in the past 24 hours? 

Tea instead of coffee this morning. 


Any advice you can give to any aspiring actors out there? 

It's a day in day out grind that takes everything you got. Respect it and give it everything you possibly can. 

If you’re a book, what type of book are you and why?

Dorian Grey? Maybe Bret Easton Ellis's Clay Easton? 



Photography: IRVIN RIVERA