Words by Phil Limprasertwong

Ruby Modine is best known for her roles as Sierra in Shameless and Lori Spengler in the American slasher film, Happy Death Day.

In the first movie, Ruby played the innocent character who everyone least expected to be the killer and eventually met her demise in the end. Or did she?

From the looks of the trailer for Happy Death Day 2U, we see that her character is alive and possibly still after Tree because well, everything has been reset again!

Get to know more about her in our exclusive interview as Ruby dishes on what it was like to be part of both movies and having to film the repetitive scenes from all of the time loops that occurs.



Hi, Ruby! Thank you for your time. Tell us a little about your story. Who is Ruby Modine?

Hello! I was born in LA and raised in NYC. I am still learning who I am but am very happy to say that in the last year, I have really started to love who I am becoming which is a very strong, centered, happy, healthy and confident human being! 

From the looks of the Happy Death Day 2U trailer, we see that your character is alive again due to the time loop. Is your character still trying to kill Tree or have the circumstances changed now that there’s a new killer after everyone including you?

Lori Spengler is indeed alive! I was so excited to find this information out via text courtesy of our master mind director Christopher Landon. In order to understand the circumstances of this anomaly you’ll just have to watch the film.

What can you tell us about this “time loop” that happens in the movie. It was never really explained in the first movie as to why Tree kept experiencing it yet she retained physical damage from her previous deaths. Is it supernatural related?

There is a new sci fi element added, not supernatural. In Happy Death Day, Chris really paid homage to Groundhog Day but in the sequel it veers much more towards Back to the Future 2.



With so many time loops involved. What is the filming process like having to film so many similar scenes?

I laughed the most about this with Israel Broussard. It is hilarious and torturous! I’m being dramatic… It is very specific and you must remember every physical movement along with “tune and melody” of your voice. Iz and I definitely eyed each other for “hey! You’re finally up!” and “ She finally rolls in” at the table read for HDD2U.

We see that you’ve been working on a lot of new projects. What’s been your favorite one to work on?

I have no favorites, just favorite memories and moments from them. I’m really excited for everyone to see Satanic Panic and American Desert! Each of these films were huge learning experiments. 



Do you get the opportunity to travel a lot for work?

I do indeed! It is such a gift to be given. I am very appreciative of that and am often in the midst of very wonderful people in other states / countries. 

What’s your dream role or project?

There are many. I am excited for the opportunity to play roles in all the film genres ! I am also excited for challenges most of all. Characters that push me over the edge and make me dig deep. 

What keeps you inspired?

Inspiration is all around me. The beauty I see in everyday life, the struggle that offer strength. They keep me motivated and inspire me to do more. To learn more and become a better human being. Also? Love. The love and support that I have in my life is tremendous and I appreciate them more than they could ever fully understand. My support system stems from my family, closest friends, and boyfriend. These are individuals whom I look up to very highly and through them, I also find inspiration. 

Aside from acting, what else do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy activities. From photography to cooking, from painting to helping out at my local charities. Challenging myself in my everyday life has become very essential! My boyfriend and I have challenges throughout our home life: a chess board that gets played throughout the week, gym routines that made me curse like a sailor, recipes found online that seem outlandish but turn out SO GOOD and books, books, books. 

If you were a book, what type of book would you be and why?

It would be an epic book with lots of adventure and humor because I absolutely love to travel and have new life experiences with lots of new faces in new places while also being, without a doubt, one of the clumsiest people in the multiverse. 

If you could help any charity or organization, which one would it be and why?

This year I am mapping out a plan which includes working with as many organizations as I can that focus on restoring and protecting our planet, saving endangered species and helping those in danger and to offer help/guidance to those who are in need. I want to be a part of the teams that are trying to reverse the unacceptable amount of wrong that has taken place. 

See Ruby reprising her role as Lori in Happy Death Day 2U in theaters February 13, 2019.