In this interview, you can get a glimpse from the busy life of Containment star Kristen Gutoskie as she talks about music, Netflix and her non-profit works.


Describe us your story in a nutshell.

I grew up in a suburb of Toronto, Canada to a nurse and a computer salesman. I have one older sister. Spent my early years listening to grunge rock trying to be like my sis and skipping class ‘cause I thought that was cool at the time, haha so not cool.

Quickly grew out of that phase and traded the vans in for dance shoes. I always loved performing and starting singing and acting in plays around 10 years old.

Continued that through high school but took university off to study and travel and find myself. Once I graduated I got right back to my first love (a close tie between acting and music), and started training, writing, and auditioning again.

Moved to Los Angeles shortly after a stint on a show in South Africa, one of the most beautiful countries I've been to. You must go, Cape Town is unreal. Been in LA ever since and it has been a wild ride. 

Hard times, beautiful times.

I've found a real connection to spirituality and meditation since living here, and living for a greater purpose. In my free time I volunteer for various non-profits, specifically working with at risk youth. Outside of that I'm just a girl with a goofy sense of humor happy to be alive. 

Name a song that embodies Kristen.

"I Just Wanna Make Love to You", the Etta James version. It's got sass.


Tell us songs at your music playlist right now.

Leon Bridges- River

Billie Holiday- Them There Eyes

Tame Impala- Cause I'm a Man

White Denim- A Place To Start

Nils Frahm- Four Hands

Gary Clark Jr.- Things Are Changin'

Prince - Purple Rain 

Karaoke or Musical?


Favorite role that you played so far?

I can't choose, I love all the parts I play the most in the moment, then I let em go.

How do you make your characters relatable?

I find what I understand about them in myself, tap into the truth of what they are saying.

Underneath we are all the same. Just find what's human. 

What inspired you to be an actress?

It's where I always felt most free to be myself.


What’s your most memorable experience in acting so far?

I would say playing a mother in Containment. Such a beautiful experience.


What makes Containment different from all the other disaster stories that were released?

It could really happen. It has happened. We are just bringing it into North American living rooms.


Tell us about your other project, Relationship Status?

It's a fun digital series that focuses on a bunch of 20/30 somethings navigating love and life in the world of social media. It's hilariously relatable and so fun. 


What ‘s the most challenging character that you played so far?

Again hard to say, but playing Nora in "The Dust Storm", as well as Katie in "Containment" we're very emotional roles, I had to do a lot of soul searching to find these women and bring them to life.

Book that you’re currently reading

"Women Who Run With Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD.

If you’re not acting or auditioning for shows, what keeps you busy?

Writing and playing music, volunteering, hangin’ with my buds, hiking, movies, trying new restaurants, traveling, and occasional Netflix night of course.


Dream project?

Any Coen Brothers film 


Actor Crush

Sam Heughan from Outlander and Cate Blanchett in anything she does.

I don't discriminate haha!


Currently binge watching ____

Just finished "Love" on Netflix_

If you’re going to publish your own book, what title would it be and why?

If I Could Fly Through The Cosmos


If you had the opportunity to support a charity, what would it be and why?

I already do support multiple charities and non profits. I mentor for "Playground of Dreams", volunteer at "Art of Elysium", and plan to get more involved with the "WeDay" organization. Also I have my own non-profit in the development stages, you can follow it on Instagram and Twitter (@aluvolution) and post evidence of an act of kindness. It's a campaign to make kindness the currency in the world, we need a love revolution. 

Photography: Irvin Rivera

Photo Asst: Phil Limprasertwong

Make-up: Elaine Offers

Hair: Craig Gangi

Styling: Brandon Nicholas + Art Hunter