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What’s your story? Where are you originally from? 

How much time do we have? No, I’m kidding! I was born just north of Houston in a place called The Woodlands. I lived there until I was about 13 when my mom and I picked up and drove to L.A. to live. I will never be able to thank her for her support on that huge life decision. I will never regret it and will be forever grateful to her.

Describe KIRBY BLISS in a tweet (140 characters).

Wow That’s a bit of a tough one - - I’m just going to pretend I’m talking to my Mama/ best friend. Shout out to Shan! That way I can say how incredible I am and that am a total riot (because she would agree).  I tend to be a natural nurturer.... I love taking care of people. I love to make people smile and laugh, no one will ever go hungry around me. I try to make sure everyone I’m around knows how much I appreciate them and how special they are. Over all , I try to have fun not matter what.

How did acting start for you?

My mom was in marketing in my hometown so whenever they needed a kid in front of the camera, I would do it. I got to be on billboards on the freeway in our town before I was 11. At one point, the commercial print agency I was with in Houston opened up an acting division… And that sparked my attention. I will never forget the time my mom and I were driving to that agency in Houston and I asked her “Wait mom can I actually do this for work and earn a living?” and she said “yes, if that’s something you really want.” From then on it was my life mission.

Do you remember your first acting gig? How was it? 

I do remember my first job. My very first gig ever, outside of commercial and print work, was a Nickelodeon show called “Unfabulous”. It starred Emma Roberts and I thought I had made it in hollywood at that point. HA!  I am still friends with people I met on that set though funny enough.


Walk us to your process as an actress. How do you prepare for auditions?

Honestly, I don’t like to do too much. I like to trust my instincts and keep it very natural. One thing I do to memorize my dialogue is write out the words I say over and over. After I write them out, my brain remembers them and I barely have to look at them the day of.


What do you think are some common misconceptions about the acting process that a lot of people think?

I think some of the common misconceptions....  do actually happen. I just have been fortunate enough to not be apart of most of them. I mean there are people being hired just off of having a social media following and other cliche things like that. I try to focus on my own journey and stick around genuine people, that way I never get caught up in any of that nonsense.


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What inspires you?

People inspire me. I love people and find them fascinating. My friends ,my family.. strangers I watch at the airport or a bar in L.a. ( That didn’t sound creepy at all.) I am a total people person. Love being on set surrounded by people everyday who love what they do. I am very grateful to get to do what I do, and I know that. So others who are just as in love with the craft as I am.. inspire me.

Let’s talk about your character Bethany from your upcoming Eli Roth film “Death Wish.” What’s exciting about her?

I could go on and on about her!  She has so much energy and so much enthusiasm about what she does. That much I can completely relate to. I feel so fortunate to have gotten the role. To get to work with Eli again, and have all my scenes be with Bruce.. It was an absolute honor. I feel Like her part has an impact. Bruce even mentions her at the very end again.. It’s pretty badass.


Is there any actor / comedian that you dream to work with? (why?)

That is another toughie… I think there is something to learn from every single actor you work with.  Even if it’s how not to handle things a certain way. I just want to continue to learn and grow from every opportunity I have. To be blunt, I don’t think about that. Just want the work and I’m humbled when I get it. I tell the story the very best I can then work on getting the next one. All you can do really.

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What makes a joke funny?

Timing. I have made jokes when my mom was in tears and she couldn’t help but laugh. Laughter truly is the best medicine. I love comedy and I want to do more of it. I get such a natural high making people laugh in life and in my work. If I could bottle up my mom and a few friends laughs to just hear when I am down.. well I would never be down.


What do you think is your greatest achievement in your career so far? 

Death Wish. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of being in Project-X and doing Conan for it... and surviving filming The Green Inferno.. but there is no denying what a huge deal it is for me to have a small part in a huge MGM film starring Bruce F#@!^& Willis!


What keeps you busy aside from acting?

I like to paint and I like to read. Those are two things that I do creatively that are just for me and solely for me.


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How do you balance your time? 

I just try to be with my dog and my good friends and family as much as possible. I want to work as much as possible.. but somehow when I am busy with work, I miss home and vice versa


Is there any dream role that you wanna play? Dream project?

Ya! How about a multi-picture franchise deal with Marvel or something… haha!  I’m kidding, but that is any actors dream due to just the consistency of getting paid. A dream role is one I am always excited to jump into. I think my real dream is work to consistently, period.


Top 3 songs in your playlist right now.

Bad at Love - Halsey,  Attention - Charlie Puth, Grown Woman - Beyonce > Queen B>> H- Town Represent

What do you think is the best decision that you made in the past 24 hours? 

To be at happy hour while I answered these questions on my computer…. ; )

Any upcoming and exciting project for to get your fans excited?

I did a show I am very proud of that’s chock full of amazing actors called Alive In Denver. Also, I’m honored to be a part of telling the story of the Founder of the Make a Wish Foundation in a film called WISH MAN. Death Wish comes out before any of that fun stuff.. so I hope everyone goes to meet my character Bethany and see Bruce kick ass while Eli revamps a killer story.

Any advice you can give to any aspiring actors / artists out there? 

Don’t let other people doubt you, not believe in you, get you down or let you question yourself. This is your own journey no one else's. Take care of yourself.. there will be times where there is no one else there to but you.

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If you’re a book, what type of book are you and why?

Thriller/Mystery for sure.  They are the only books that keep my attention. And I’d like to think I can be a bit of a thrill. I am contradictory and mysterious. I bet I would be quite the page turner, watch out James Patterson.


If you had the chance and opportunity to help a specific charity, what would it be and why? 

ASPCA, not to get all Sarah McLachlan on you but my dog is my life. Shout out to Willa



Photography: IRVIN RIVERA