LOUISE LEMÓN can't get enough of love

The Swedish-based pop chanteuse, Louise Lemón, talks to us about evolving as a woman and owning her experiences. ONLY A YEAR INTO THE MUSIC SCENE and just finishing her first headlining tour, Lemón is already shares her second album “A Broken Heart is an Open Heart” WITH US and doesn’t have plans to stop there.

Speaking on heartbreak and the influence loss has on her music, Lemón shows us how music is a powerful tool to comfort you when you’re feeling down.



When did you first realize you wanted to pursue being a musician?

I’ve always been writing and creating music, this was never something I questioned or decided, I’ve always been singing about my heart. I remember being very young, maybe five years old, singing and creating songs to this casette tape that was filled with background music that came with the tape recorder. I also had a harmonica and guitar that I used to make songs on. 

You just finished your first headlining tour, how would you describe that experience?

It was a really beautiful experience. It’s a very special feeling to see people singing along to what I’ve written. 


What event in your life have you felt was life changing?

I had some big sorrows happen to me when I was younger. I think these events really affected me and the way I view the world. My perspective really shifted and I found myself in a situation of great loss. 

What would you say your second album “A Broken Heart is an Open Heart” is about?

It is an album about heartbreak. I wrote this album with a feeling of trying to find a light in the darkness I was overwhelmed by. It is also about evolving as a woman and owning my own experiences.

What was going on in your head when writing this album?

Growth. I was trying to figure out what situations I was in and why.- really investigate why I put myself in situations where I wound up bruised. 

Do you have a favorite song off the album?

I love all of the songs. It is very special to me that my favourite musicians created an instrumental track for the album on Susceptible Soul. Sunlight is also a track that is very close to my heart. 

Would you say it’s true that the best songs come from sadness?

Definitely. For me sorrow is such an inspiration and I believe that heartache is an even stronger feeling than love. The desperation in that is just completely overwhelming. And that kind of intensity is a perfect spark.

In what way do you think your second album is different than your first?

They are very different. My new album is a lot brighter and darker at the same time. ‘Purge’ had a lot of noise and was really written in the midst of a storm while ‘A Broken Heart is an Open Heart’ has a different perspective. There is also a big difference in the soundscape. I wanted to create the feeling of sun hitting a pitch black lake.

What is the music scene like in Sweden?

If I’d say anything I’d say there is a lot of talent. I work with Swedish musicians that are extremely talented playing with their hearts wide open which is a rare combination.

What are you currently listening to?

Daniel Norgren - Let Love Run the Game

Mind Games - John Lennon

Crying In the Chapel - Jim James

What’s next for you?

I am touring right now and playing my new album live. I am also already writing new music, it is an endless well that needs to be tended to so it doesn’t over-flood. 

If you’re going to be a book, what would it be and why?

I’d be a romantic dramatic novel, sultry and sad. 

If you’re going to have the chance to support any charity/organization/person, what/who would it be and why?

I feel very strongly about the freedom for women so I’d support an organization that works with helping abused women. No one is free until all is free.