Tell us about your story.

I never thought I'd really get into modeling because I didn't know where to start and quite frankly it's kind of an intimidating industry. I soon learned otherwise. I did a for fun shoot with my sister's friend to model for her website for senior photos. Then, another one of her old friends had a step brother who is a photographer in New York. He saw the photos of me on Facebook and sent them to my current agent, Terri. I signed with the Agency Arizona soon after. This was all in November of 2016, a few months later I did a casting for Wilhelmina NY and signed with them in January. A week after signing I skipped TWO WEEKS of school to go and do New York Fashion Week. That was an amazing experience and I met so many great people and made many new friends. Being so young, people in the agencies and fellow models made sure they filled me with as much valuable information about the industry as possible. I took another trip to New York, signed with Wilhelmina LA, and now Im finishing my first visit to Los Angeles! 


Tell us more about your hometown.

Chandler is a suburban city just south of Phoenix. Its constantly growing and is by no means a small town. Although, there is not much to do. But, we find ways to entertain ourselves. Its also absolutely and undeniably one of the HOTTEST cities in America. 


Where are you currently based? Which city do you see yourself in?

Because I'm only sixteen, I'm still based home in Arizona. I see myself living in New York for some time after high school but eventually living in Southern California.

What inspired you to be a model?

I won a "modeling" competition in the mall once when I was a kid. Ever since then its been in the back of my mind, and when the opportunity came I gladly took it.


How long have you been modeling?

About 8 months


What's the best part of being a model?

The people. I meet so many beautiful and amazing people everywhere I go in this industry. I'm so thankful to have met all the ones who have helped me through this journey.

What's your most memorable experience in modeling so far?

Definitely going to New York City by myself at 16. It was so crazy and so eye opening. I bought my first winter coat and rode the subway. I did so many weird and new things there and got to be a part of three different fashion shows!

How do you manage your time as a model?

My iPhone is my savior. I organize everything on there like all my addresses and uber rides and schedules.


Top 3 songs on your playlist right now.

4 AM- 2 Chainz(ft. Travis Scott)
White Dress- Louie B.

What is your dream project?

A big campaign or contract with retail or high fashion.


Dream client?

Hollister maybe, or Versace.


What comes next after modeling?

I like the fashion industry and interior design has been in my interest. Maybe shoes, maybe clothes. I have my whole life to decide though.

Advice to any aspiring models out there?

Be yourself. Don't ever change because you think people will like you more. Change the industry don't let the industry change you. And ENJOY the experience. Love the people. 

If you are going to have a book title, what would it be and why?

The Life of Jack Pililaau because it will only get more interesting.


If you will be given the chance and opportunity to help a specific charity, what would it be and why? 

I'm not very familiar with many charities, but definitely one that helps kids, teens and young adults accomplish their dreams.