Interview with Lenny Lu’s designer Marcia Souza as she talks about the brand’s origins, and its focus on beauty, comfort and quality. She also spoke about Lenny Lu’s Mommy and Me line, her inspirations, and the brand’s plans in the future.

Tell us about Lenny Lu brand.   

Marcia Souza, Lennu Lu Designer

Marcia Souza, Lennu Lu Designer

There are three things that fuel our brand: Beauty, comfort, and quality. We believe every woman deserves all three, without ever having to compromise a thing. Comfort should never compromise beauty, nor should beauty disregard comfort. The difference lies in quality. That’s why we bring only the most highly skilled craftsmen on board to test and fit each breath-taking shoe we create.    

How did you come up with the name Lenny Lu?  

My husband and I both have very strong women in our lives who helped raise and guide us.   Lenny is my Aunt's name, I always remember so much joy as child being around her.  She was elegant, so kind and she always had candy in her purse- If you said please. Lu is short for Lucy, my husband's grandmother. Unfortunately, I never met her but as the matriarch of his family she was the sun in the family life revolved around. There isn't anyone in his family that wasn't touched by her kindness, generosity, and wit. So Lenny Lu a is a brand that makes shoes for women and children, and the name is homage to these very special women that we so fondly remember from our childhood. 


Who is the face behind Lenny Lu and tell us about her.  

Lenny Lu is my company. My name is Marcia Souza.  I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. I currently live in the US and I am the proud mother of two wonderful daughters. I come from a very humble family and I never thought I would live outside of Brazil and start a company.  I started working in the fashion and retail business when I was 15 years old.  I worked my way up. 

My oldest daughter, Isabella, inspired the idea for Lenny Lu.When we attended a wedding in the U.S., I was determined to find beautiful comfortable shoes that would see her through the night, without leaving her covered in blisters, and without compromising quality.  I couldn't find the same quality that was available in Brazil. So, I convinced my husband of the difference between “normal” shoes in the market and the soft supple shoes available in Brazil.   He was so impressed and  he agreed to help me create the Lenny Lu brand.


What inspired the current collection?  

One day, my youngest daughter, Julia, jumped right into a pair of my shoes after a long day.  She looked so precious and happy in my shoes and that moment we realized how many little girls want to walk in their Mother’s shoes every day. In a nutshell, that’s how Lenny Lu’s “Mommy and Me” line came to be. We help mothers strengthen the bond they share with their daughters, with matching shoes that are ultra-soft and drop-dead gorgeous. The task wasn’t easy, initiating a full redesign. We couldn’t simply “scale up” the shoes to adult size. So, we climbed into our audience’s shoes. What does the modern Mom do, and what does she need?

We know how little time women have, between work, chores, dropping off and picking up the kids, grocery shopping, and everything in-between. By the time most women kick their shoes off at home, they’re exhausted and couldn’t care less about their appearance. Being on your feet all day would do that to you. We knew these women wanted to feel stylish, but would rather sacrifice beauty for comfort.  So, we got to work designing a range of flats striving for comfort with modern aesthetics.

The final shoes can be dressed up or down and worn all day. We feel our shoes are ideal for any busy modern-day women, Mother or not. As a women-oriented business, with a team of women serving women, we understand the complexities of modern-day life for females. That’s why we want to make things just a little easier for the underappreciated heroes of society.

We caught glimpse of your recent campaign. What inspired that? 


This campaign was the brainchild of Tash Greizen, our Publicist.  She did such a great job of pushing the brand into making it to a more lifestyle brand.  The vision was to demonstrate how Lennu Lu shoes can be dressed up or down and how they can be worn in many different ways.  It brings across the concept of an active , stylish woman who is also very comfortable with her shoes. 


What will surprise us about Lenny Lu? 

The softness of the leather.  You won't believe that these shoes are so flawless and beautiful.  We use glove soft leather and it's really different with what you would expect it's especially surprising with the metallic leathers.