The Code of Style Founder & Creative Director, Claire Godard’s mission is to encourage women to discover their fashion style.

“Your style is your coat of armour.” -Claire Godard

Claire comes from a hardworking background that started on the east coast in Virginia, where her family has successfully been in the restaurant business. After high school she went to college to study Communications.



She decided to leave her family in Virginia and relocated to California to not only pursue her childhood dream of becoming a model, but also to help find her true self.


While she felt like she needed a break from modeling she tried her hands at some other professions. She was a firefighter, a hairdresser and even followed the steps of her family and became a restaurant owner.


As she continuously learns and grows from each of these professions, she is always aware that her passion is in beauty and fashion.


Creating a unique vision at The Code of Style has been the result of Claire’s extensive experience working with brands combined with an educational background from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 



The current face of many fashion brands and a guest speaker, Claire is featured on popular labels such as Modeliste Magazine, Women On Top, The Influence, Entertainment Tonight, Fox, and more.


“Purpose is women empowerment, positive reminder that we can do it all!

Take the first step in believing in yourself and everyone will follow.” 



“I have a purpose in life to help empower women, especially single mothers. This subject is very dear to me and it is a passion of mine. Mothers do not get the credit/respect they deserve raising a human. The title Mom comes with so much responsibility and sacrifice that it should not be used lightly.


My goal and vision for this year is to have a voice and be active with charities to bring awareness to this. “


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