Actor and Producer STERLING BEAUMON shares his experiences in producing his upcoming films THEN & NOW and THINGS THAT FALL. Read through and discover what the film is about and why the stories are something that you should look forward to.

Photographer:  Ryan K Orange   Overshirt: A Days March, Tshirt: WaCay, Pants: WhyRed, Boots. MNML

Photographer: Ryan K Orange

Overshirt: A Days March, Tshirt: WaCay, Pants: WhyRed, Boots. MNML

Synopsis of the films

Then & Now

 Then & Now explores how the budding of a high school romance can differ in 1958 vs 2018. It is a social commentary on how technology heavily affected today's youth in their crucial judgments and decision making skills.

Things That Fall 

 A college student haunted by the onset auditory psychosis hallucinations of schizophrenia finds a connection with a deaf classmate in a library and makes a lot of noise to get her attention.

What inspired you to create the films?

 Every time I’m taking on a new project I have to ask myself, “Why do I want to tell this story?” With both these films I felt that there was a social message that I wanted to be sent. There was something to be said that I hoped even one person would connect to and take something positive away from it. The take away from Then & Now, is that technology needs to be put down and one needs to live in the moment more often. I feel that the youth today is missing out on so much natural connection because of being so immersed in social media. With Things That Fall I really was excited to tell a story about people with different disabilities connecting and navigating the institutions of society. 


What's the process like in producing and creating the films?

 Every project is so different. Especially for short films you never quite know how you’re going to bring it together. And I feel like that’s where I came in on both these projects. Each has an amazing film maker at the helm, Niki Koss on Then & Now and Sy Huq on Things That Fall, each had this amazing story and vision for the film they wanted to make. The projects found me differently, but once I sat down with both directors I knew I wanted to be a part of their amazing projects and produce and star. It then became my job to help them execute their vision to the highest level by working with them to fill the team with talent, creatives, actors and the entire physical production.


With Then & Now me and Niki worked together closely to find everyone top to bottom. She got her good friend up & coming Writer Ally Cron DeVico, currently working for Marline King of Pretty Little Liars, to write the script. After an amazing meeting with Producer Theresa Picciallo, she helped facilitate bringing on Elliot Wolf and Adam Maffei. They are all such pros.


On Things That Fall, Producer Tommy Mcnamera currently working at ICM, had seen what I had done with Then & Now as we were finishing editing that he pitched me to Sy for TTF. After me and Sy sat down there was no question I wanted to tell the story. Sy has already put together most of the amazing team, but I came on as a producer as well to help fill gaps and bring on creatives or actors that would help the team- people like Producer Cameron Fuller and once again, Theresa Picciallo (who I originally met on the set of Law & Order True Crime) came to the rescue as Editor. She’s such a Swiss Army knife, she can do anything! Definitely someone I hope to work with on everything! 

Photographer:  Ryan K Orange   Suit: Whitcomb & Shaftesbury Custom, Shirt: Carrol Custom , Tie: The Tie Bar, Tie Clip: The Tie Bar, Shoes: Rancourt USA

Photographer: Ryan K Orange

Suit: Whitcomb & Shaftesbury Custom, Shirt: Carrol Custom , Tie: The Tie Bar, Tie Clip: The Tie Bar, Shoes: Rancourt USA

What's the most challenging part about it?

 Oh wow, that’s such a hard question because I don’t think any part of the process is more challenging than the other. For me each project has different ones as well. On Then & Now that was my first time acting and producing at the same time. During all of pre-production I got to wear my producing hat. But on the day of having to let go of that while in character was very difficult. There were times where I couldn’t go about things as a producer and needed to come at it as an actor just because of sharing the roles.


On Things That Fall, I think I spent the most time doing research for the character. Having to portray someone with a disability comes with a certain set of responsibility. It was very important to me to know everything I could about this disability and portray it in the most accurate way possible. On set, our amazing Music Director Austin Seltzer, actually was playing pre recordings of people talking on a speaker so it actually sounded like voices “in the room” witch is how people describe that sensation. 


What are you looking forward the most about the film?

In both cases I’m just excited to share them with the world for many different reasons. I want people to connect to the stories and hope they enrich people’s lives. I’m so excited for the industry to see what these talented up & coming film makers have to offer. And I’m just excited for people to see them at this point. 


Why should people watch the films?
Hopefully for the same reason I signed on to each of them, because there is such an important message in each of them. Also so many talented people put so much of themselves into these really special projects and we just hope people are entertained and take a meaningful story home with them.