Tanduay’s strength as a brand can be attributed to its rich history dating all the way back to 1854. It is a rum produced in the Philippines by Tanduay Distillers, Inc.

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About Tanduay Rum

Since its founding, Tanduay Rum has garnered more than 200 international awards. Crafted from premium heritage sugarcane varietals grown in the volcanic soils and tropical climate of the Philippine Islands, Tanduay Rum embodies the bold, lively, and creative spirit that is distinctly Filipino. All Tanduay rums can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, and as a complement to cocktails of all kinds.


About Tanduay Silver Rum (SRP: $19.99/750mL; 40% ABV)

Aged up to 5 years in bourbon barrels, and lightly filtered to bring down its color to a light golden hue yet keeping its flavor and character. The palate is well-balanced and rich, with notes of green ripe fruits with hints of burnt sugar, mandarin, and vanilla.


About Tanduay Gold Rum (SRP: $19.99/750mL; 40% ABV)

A full-bodied rum with a deep golden hue, Tanduay Gold is aged up to 7 years in bourbon barrels, with a taste profile of mature honey with hints of toasted oak, almond, and vanilla.

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In the U.S., Tanduay Gold and Silver Rums are currently available in California, New York, Florida, and Illinois