Kuwait-based pret-a-couture designer Farah Al Mesbah shares to us her creative process and her inspirations to her timeless classic designs and silhouettes.


What quality should a good fashion designer possess?   

A good fashion designer must have originality and the ability to produce new ideas regularly while balancing it with elegance and what women really want. 

Tell us something about your brand.   

My brand is designed for women who love feminine and unique pieces, and is also looking for quality and exclusivity too. My brand is offering the type of fashion that is a great mixture of previous centuries' elegance and modern elegance. 

How did you select the materials that you used?   

A lot of them are mainly chosen based on how they react with gravity then how it will deliver the silhouette. 

What makes your brand stand out?   

It doesn’t clearly follow a specific trend. The pieces are designed to be worn at least 10 years later. My designs are unique; a lot of clients come back to tell me everyone asks them where is it from. 

How do you keep up with the fashion trends?   

Since my brand is not really influenced by trends directly, they should still be contemporary and relate to our time. I take the overall ideas floating around the runways and market and interpret them my way with my vision infused to them.



Describe your creative process.   

It’s complicated and weird. I don’t personally understand it either. I get intrigued by the most random objects or subjects and it consumes my brain a lot. It does influence my choice of music. I can listen to the strangest type of music. The strangest so far is the catholic choir requiems from the 18th century which is not common at all in my region. I end up sketching plenty of ideas, I choose my favorite, and redesign them in my mannequin. My sketch was never the final product; the toil is always redesigned to create the perfect proportional balance. 

Which project or collection do you consider as your greatest achievement?   

My favorite is the SS18 collection inspired by the French Revolution's influence on transitioning the end of the rococo fashion. I discovered how highly influenced I am by the 18th century fashion.  I truly enjoyed designing it. It made me discover a lot about myself too. And my favorite part is that Louis Vuitton's SS18 was also inspired by this period and we both released nobles coats and pannier inspired dresses (however to make it more fun,  I decided to add a twist and made the dress as a jumpsuit instead.). there was no way for me to replicate the brand's ideas as I was finalizing my collection to meet with the deadline while they're presenting their collection.  It really gave me a great deal of confidence and joy too. 


Who are your favorite fashion designers?   

I adore Cristobal Balenciaga. To me he's a fashion genius. I also love Christian Dior and Jacques Fath. I relate to their style a lot.

Best advice ever given to you.

"Be confident, and do what you see in front of you"  this  advice  was  given  to  me  from  my  LCF  tutor.  I was complaining that I couldn’t do the given task. But then I did wonders and discovered I had a skill I didn’t know about.  This advice is all about the wonders you'll discover by only believing in yourself, and that you can do whatever you want as long as you're envisioning it, low confidence is the worst obstacle you'll ever face. 

What advice do you have for any aspiring fashion designer?   

Take your time and be patient.  Fashion designing isn’t all about creating lovely garments, it’s more like understanding the world around you, your clients mostly.


Farah Al Mesbah’s designs are available in the US via NOW PR