Dubai-based fashion house ATELIÉR ZUHRA is a fashion house that specializes in the art of couture. Rayan Al Sulaymani helms the fashion house with her highly analytical and creative designing capabilities.


Her passion for taking the brand to greater heights is highly evident through her distinguished leadership and her broader experience in business management. Under her direction, Atelier Zuhra has participated in six fashion exhibitions in and out of Dubai.


ATELIÉR ZUHRA’s strength lies in the brand’s ability to offer unique and high-quality dresses for their growing clientele.


For Rayan Al Sulaymani, fashion brings out your unique personality. For her, fashion refers to stylish dressing wearing unique designs.


Her fashion inspirations are Elie Saab, Christian Dior, and Valentino  


Atelier Zuhra’s style is thoroughly classic; made with sheer elegance and is always relevant. The inimitable style is an outcome of impeccable craftsmanship and careful sourcing of high quality materials- from tulle to feathers, silk embroideries, sequence, lace and jubair.