Name: Tim Jo
Hometown: Houston, TX
Current Location: Koreatown, Los Angeles
Nickname: Close friends call me Timmy or Tim, acquaintances call me timjo.
Instagram: @hellotimjo
Twitter: @hellotimjo

Who is Tim Jo in a nutshell?

Korean-American Texan. Husband to Hannah Jun Jo. Father of Andrew, the red toy poodle. Bassist and sculptor.

What's your ethnic background?

2nd generation Korean.

Where are you from originally?

Born in Dallas, TX. Raised in Mesquite. Moved to Plano, TX then Houston. Moved to Warsaw, Poland then back to Houston. Moved to Aurora, CO then San Antonio, TX for college. Moved to Houston after college for a few months, then Los Angeles. 

Prior to acting,  you used to model as a kid right? How was it?

I thought it was just a part of life and everyone else modeled as well. I worked A LOT because I was pretty low energy and super obedient. I would just stand and smile for hours and hours without complaining. I modeled from 4 yrs old to 14 until I finally realized no one else did. Felt completely betrayed by my parents and remember telling them I wanted to quit. They tried to convince me to go into acting but I told them I never wanted to be in front of a camera again. Little did I know...

How did acting happen? What inspired you to be an actor?

My dad's a genius. Like Mensa genius, loves math. I, on the other hand, loved skateboarding and punk music. As you can imagine, there was a lot of friction growing up. I jokingly auditioned for a musical in high school and landed a lead role. After my first performance, my dad was glowing and going on and on about the details I had put into my character. My interpretation of his compliments was that acting would be the only way I would ever get his approval. 


Tell us about your earliest acting gig. Can you still remember it?

Well other than the many commercials I did as a child, my first real chunk of a role as an adult was a boy scouts internet safety video. I hope it never surfaces, I would die of embarrassment.

Tell us about your most memorable experience in acting so far.

My run on The Neighbors is definitely a highlight of my career. I got to sing songs written for me by Alan Menken, play out 2 seasons of a romantic will-they/won't-they on network television, work with Mark Hamill and George Takei AT THE SAME TIME, the list goes on...

What’s your favorite part in being an actor?

Getting to know my co workers. I love chatting with our guest actors and crew members, hearing their stories and learning about their passions. It keeps my spirits up at work and keeps me wanting to come back.

What is the most memorable character that you played and why?

Reggie Jackson on The Neighbors. That character was the personification of my optimism. Sounds strange to say, but the guy was just so sweet and happy, it was a joy to play. Personally, I was going through some rough patches, so getting to play such a bright character was cathartic.

How do you contribute to the depth and to the layers of the characters that you play?

I try to create a full back story so that I know what drives them and gets them up in the morning. It helps me find intention within my interactions with other characters, even if I am only saying one line.

Tell us more about Eliot, your character on PITCH. How is he different from the other characters that you played?

First and foremost, he is human! At 26, he's also the oldest character I've gotten to play. Eliot's a hard worker and extremely loyal to his boss, Amelia Slater. They have an interesting dynamic because it's not the stereotypical abusive boss/assistant relationship. They have both gone out on a limb to pursue what they believe in and at the end of the day, they only have each other. 

Music that you’re currently listening to

PUP - The Dream is Over and Grouplove - Big Mess

What else keeps you busy aside from acting?

I started a punk band with a few buddies and we're called MUCH BETTER. Nothing relieves stress like playing loud, fast punk rock.

Any advice you can give to any aspiring actors out there?

Study, study, study. Don't worry about SAG, agents, auditions. Get in class, be surrounded by your people and act. Everything else will fall into place, I promise.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any exciting project?

I have no idea. I love weight lifting and the way it has transformed my body. I went from 120lbs to 165lbs this year. I dropped back down to 140 to play Eliot. After season 1, I plan to put on a few pounds again. What I love most about working out is the transformation and how it opens the door to different types of projects. I'm excited to see what is in store.

Dream project?

I love sci-fi. Anything set in space would be a dream. And something wearing tights.

Tell us a secret.

Ever since I quit modeling, I hate taking photographs. Acting is different because you are playing a character. In photographs, I feel so much more vulnerable because you are just you!
Currently binge watching _____

Finally catching up on The West Wing and just starting WESTWORLD. 

If you’re gonna have a book what title would it be?

Sweet Potato: 101 Recipes by Tim Jo.

Photography & Interview: IRVIN RIVERA