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Tell us about you and your story. Who is Jordan Doww in a nutshell?

He’s a dramatic, humble, caffeine addicted, hopelessly romantic, dreamer and doesn’t stop when he finds something that he is passionate about.

Where are you originally from?

I am from a small town in Michigan called Clinton Township just outside of Detroit.

What inspired you to move to Los Angeles?

I had forever longed of moving to LA ever since I was in elementary school. I’d make home videos with my neighborhood friends and have watch parties of our little movies. Moving onto middle school and high school, I knew performing was in my blood as I was balancing sports, school, and extracurricular activities all while training to be a triple threat at a local dance studio. Fast forward to college, I was now racking up a following on Vine and YouTube, as well as taking improv classes at Second City in Chicago. I knew deep down that LA was the destination. To make that happen, I enrolled into an internship with the Walt Disney company and completed an internship with them as a photographer in the parks and made the ultimate decision to stay out west and chase this dream of mine.

How is it living the life of a young actor in LA?

It has its ups and downs for sure. You must be a strong person to handle this industry - simple as that. But I will say, I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by the most supportive people and work with the most amazing team that they’ve made it easy for me to kick ass and not let the trivial things get to me.

When did acting start for you?

I had been on a stage performing since I was 8 years old. It evolved from talent shows to plays to musicals to improv to competitive dance. Film and TV were introduced to me at the age of 17 when I got cast in a dramedy series that was broadcasted locally. Ever since, I toyed with the rise of social media & content creation which allowed me to develop my own sketch shows and intellectual property, and after so many years of training am now getting the chance to book movies and series left and right! It’s been surreal.

What’s your most memorable audition experience?

My favorite question. I’ve had some BAD auditions in my lifetime. Too many to count, but all I can do now is think back and laugh hysterically at them. I’ve had everything from casting directors forgetting I’m even in the room to literally tripping over camera chords out the door. On the flip side, I’ve also had some pretty great auditions, and met casting directors who genuinely care for talent first, which is extremely helpful in such a forever changing industry.  The idea that a casting director can see 400+ people for a project and believe in you for a role is a feeling like no other.

What inspires you?

My mom. She has worked her entire life to get to where she is and I couldn’t be prouder. Everything I do, I ask myself “will this make my mom proud?” Sometimes the answer is no, but you do what you got to do! Haha!

Tell us more about your videos and your sketches?

My babies! I have a passion and eye for comedy, so getting the chance to use my platform and write, direct, and star in my own sketches with my plethora of characters was a dream come true. I’ve worked with countless smart and witty comedians at UCB, Second City, Groundlings, Nerd Melt Showroom and more, so being able to develop my own sketches and include them has been the best.  I wish to make them even bigger and better moving forward! I will say that it is tough to juggle both my acting and the development of these sketches; they require so much time and attention when writing and shooting them, but as soon as things settle down I’m going to get right back into them.

How do you think you can make a positive impact in the industry and inspire aspiring and upcoming young actors?

I made a vow to myself when I first landed in LA that I would try to forever stay excited & genuine to the craft and be the voice for the voiceless. I wish to use my success in the upcoming days/months/years to inspire others to stick to their roots, follow their dreams, and stand up for what they personally believe in. I’ve been kicked to the curb so many times that I just want to be anyone’s tap on the shoulder to “keep going!”

Tell us more about your movie “Reach”

One of the best experiences of my life. The story is incredible and really sheds some light on the power of friendship. My character, however, is the antagonist of the plot who goes through some extremely rough patches during his time. I was terrified to share his story until I had a long chat about his back story with our amazing director, Jarrett Tarnol, and instantly fell in love. Nick Perkin’s story is important to everyone, especially in modern day society, and I was more than honored to get to be the one to portray it. I learned the world of things about myself and my craft. I’m excited for it to come out!

What do you think is the proudest moment in your career so far?

Losing a teen choice award to Ellen DeGeneres. Ha! I’d say the nomination in and of itself was a super proud moment. When my manager called me to let me know I was nominated alongside some of my biggest inspirations, Ellen DeGeneres, James Corden, Aziz Ansari, and Jimmy Fallon all I could do was cry over a box of doughnuts – I was numb to the idea that this was even a possibility, but sure was proud to have worked so hard to get there.

What is your dream project?

A musical movie/TV series. I’m a huge musical theater nerd. It would be iconic.

You'll be in AwesomenessTV's "The Commute" for Season 2. Tell us a little about that role.

I always told myself I’d be the funny friend or sidekick in a series, and this role was just that. It was SUCH a blast working alongside Steffen and Claudia. Becca Gleason was also brilliant to work with, she’s young, very innovative, and always willing to work with you on your craft. The show will premiere on June 6th.

We hear you'll be in production the entire month of June. Can you tell us anything about that?

It’s so surreal to think this is my reality now, but I worked my ass off to get here! I’m SO excited. I booked two shows, both with great casts and directors. I can’t say much yet, but I am excited to be on set the entire month of June and into July.

Vogue Magazine recently named you in their best dressed list at the BBMAs, how'd that feel and how did you choose your look?

Honestly shocked. This is why I have amazing people like Monica Cargile dress me. I would have showed up in a robe if it were up to me. We wanted to go for legendary, but masculine and simple. I think that sums it up darn well. But, I love Vogue; so it was exciting!

Top 3 music in your playlist right now.

Katy Perry, Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack, and Lizzo. All a riot. Lizzo I discovered at the Elle Magazine Women in Music Billboard Music Awards Event and she’s been on repeat ever since.

Book you’re currently reading.

Higher Status by Jason Capital. A great read if you are someone who often feels they need a boost in confidence, structure, and organization.

Currently binge watching________

Girlboss. SO GOOD. An iconic franchise, and no better person to play Sophia than Britt Robertson.

Any advice you can give to any aspiring artists and musicians out there?

Don’t give up. Find innovative ways to love your craft. Find new ways to be inspired. And work on it every damn day.

If you’re going to have a book what title would it be?

Barely Making It (HAHA) or Hollyweird, a franchise I invented that became the basis for my entire comedy tour!

If you will be given the chance and opportunity to help a specific charity, what would it be and why?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with quite a few charities already such as Trevor Project, Human Right’s Campaign, the LGBTQ Center, but would love to eventually produce a documentary short that gives homeless LGBTQ youth a voice.


Photographer: IRVIN RIVERA