Actor Gavin Macintosh Photographed and Interviewed by IRVIN RIVERA 



Hi Gavin! How are you?

 Great thanks.

Who is Gavin Macintosh and when did you start your career as an actor?

I started my career as an actor when I was 10 years old. I started commuting to Los Angeles in hopes of making movies. It has pretty much been a adventure every since, mostly good but of course a lot of life lessons thrown in the mix. 


Do you remember your first audition? How was it like?

Yes, my first audition was a bit intimidating. Everyone in the waiting room looked just like me, dressed similar, but they were all so outgoing. And I was more reserved.  It took me some time to figure out how to portray myself as being unique when I walk into an audition room. Still working on that one : )

What’s your most memorable experience as an actor so far?

My most memorable experience as an actor was filming American Fable in rural Illinois. It was a period piece, so immersing myself in the dated style of film really had an effect on me. Taking on a persona so opposite of my own and my previous characters, it made me grow as an actor and person.

What the best character that you portrayed so far and why?  

I would say Connor – simply, it just came so natural for me to portray Connor and the entire storyline. The impact on my own life and others, was life changing, even made history – so ya – Connor was a pretty cool character.

How do you balance your time?

 For the most part I try to focus on the task at hand. Sometimes if I have a stacked day I'll write down my agenda and use it as a rough guide. I am pretty laid back, don’t get overwhelmed about things I cannot control. I think that is important especially in this industry that has a lot of criticisms, changes, rejection – all things that can weigh on a person’s self esteem if you let it.  You have to find that balance between work, auditions and keeping yourself and your head grounded. 

As one of the young and influential actors in Hollywood, how do you think you can spread positivity and inspiration to your fans and to the young people around the globe?

I believe, your actions needs to speak louder than your words.  Social media can be a lot of smoke and mirrors, and also bring out the best and worst in people. So living a positive lifestyle, treating others how you want to be treated, showing love not hate, ignoring the negatives and focusing on the people and things that bring out the best in yourself and in others. All those little things, that we often think don’t matter, they do. Our world is pretty scary right now, so whatever small part I can do to help, I will try. 

What do you do aside from acting?

I stay busy with school. Also skating, the beach and sports such as soccer take up a large portion of my free time.  

If you can compare acting to your favorite sport/game, what would it be and why?

I would compare the audition process to something much like gambling. (If some would consider that a sport). Skill, timing and little bit of luck. 

Tell us about a really memorable experience in your career so far.

A really memorable experience? I'd say traveling to Illinois to film American Fable was one of the most memorable experience my career.  Working with such skilled, down to earth actors, just genuine people that were so talented yet humble.  Really reminded me that Hollywood has some really nice people in it, and I love what I do. 

After the highly controversial “Jonnor Kiss” you became one of the active allies of the LGBTQ community. How was it after that? What inspired you to be one of the influential voices of the community?  

I never expected to become an ally, that just was something that happened, and seriously, I feel like becoming an ally has helped me more than I have helped me. If that makes sense,  the community has taught me so much about love, acceptance, and of course, the darker side, hate and the need to stand up and say, that’s not cool and I won’t tolerate it.  Being able to help spread awareness for such outstanding organizations, such as Straight but Not Narrow, The Point Foundation, NOH8, and so many others, definitely a life altering experience.

What are the usual misconceptions about you and what do you tell people about it?

Many people think I am this outgoing guy or live an 24/7 exciting Hollywood life. In reality, I am just a regular teen, with chores, school work and normal growing up issues. I just happened to also be an actor. 

Tell us a secret   

I couldn't tell you a secret because if I did, it wouldn't be a secret any more.

Do you have any new and upcoming projects/shows that we can look forward to?

You can look for me on Bosch and Bones.

Any other causes that you support aside from the LGBT Community?

I mainly support the LGBT community but I have other causes I'd like to support in the future, such a protecting the environment and raising awareness regarding polluting our oceans with plastics and trash. Tragic how our marine life is being destroyed. 

Currently listening to:

Nitrous, by Nick Mulvey

Book that you’re currently reading:

College textbooks, just started my freshman year at the local junior college

If you’re going to have your own book, what title would it be?  

Say Less Do More