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Tell us your story. Who is Eris as a daughter and as an actress? 

Hi My name is Eris Baker! I’m 12 years old and in the 7th grade. I’m a Big Sister, an actress, a Fashion Enthusiast, a Vegeterian, and I’m on a fearless pursuit to let my light shine!! As a daughter, I’m the oldest of 4 children- I take pride in being the best big sister that ever lived! My goal is to make sure all my sisters are motivated and inspired to conquer the world WITH ME! My parents tell me I’ve been colorful, and vibrant, and full of energy since I was in the womb! I think that’s the nice way to put it. Truth is. . . I WAS A HANDFUL! HAHAHAH. I have had dreams of becoming an actress since I could speak. I’m intrigued by being able to take on new personalities, capabilities, emotions, experiences, relationships, and behaviors, and bring them to life- as a new character! I’m learning new things daily with all the wonderful people I get to work with. I’m working on my craft regularly and will never stop learning on this journey.


What’s your most memorable audition story? 

My most memorable audition story is probably my audition for This Is Us! I remember auditioning and not feeling like it was my best audition. It was different. I had never been emotional after an audition before. Little did I know that it would be my biggest accomplishment yet. It now serves as my reminder that All things are possible!! Do your best, be confident, and what’s for you . . . is for you! 



What sparked your interest with acting? 

I love being able to pretend. I love bringing new people and new characters to life. I love being able to pause Eris for a moment. . .and press play to tell the story of a new character. 


What inspires you?

I am inspired by so much that it’s hard to drill it down to one thing. I am inspired by all of Gods creations. I am inspired by great people who have paved the way for a young African American girl like me to live out my dreams. I’m inspired by brave women and girls who let nothing get in their way. I’m inspired by fashion, by music, by my wonderful parents, my sisters, my peers. I literally draw inspiration from everything around me. 


How would you describe your style?

My style is Chic. Edgy. Fun. I love a combat boot (edgy) a skirt (chic) and lots of fun colors and patterns (fun). I love to express myself through fashion. It always speaks before I do. I also tend to adjust to my mood. My favorite style as of now is “athleisure” wear. I love comfortable and sporty as of lately. 


If given the chance to play another role aside from your character Tess, what would it be and why? 

That’s a great question! I am open to a variety of roles. My main goal is be able to stretch myself and constantly develop and evolve into a better storyteller. I would love to play a marvel superhero- that would be incredible. I’ve always dreamed of flying hahahah. But in all honesty, any role that will stretch me and challenge me as an actress and as a person would be awesome! 



Walk us through your preparation process for each scene. What do you usually do? 

I start off by asking myself “What story am I telling here?” I pick apart the scene, understand where my character is mentally and physically. See if there are words that I don’t understand. I research things I don’t know. I rehearse the lines. I do my best to pick up the emotions, experiences, pain, joy, knowledge, understanding, and heart of the character. 

Is there any character in the show aside from Tess that you can relate with? 

It’s interesting, I actually connect with all the characters on the show. I think that’s why so many fans love this show as well. We all know someone like a character on the show and we build empathy with these characters and we grow a connection with them. Each character has their own set of issues- even Tess! I relate to them all!


Tell us more about your character Diane in K.C. Undercover? 

Diane is a sweet fun girl! She first appears on KC as she interacts with Trinitee Stokes’ character, Judy Cooper. Her and Judy Cooper bond and initiate a friendship. I love my work on KCU - Trinitee Stokes and I met there and she has turned out to be a great friend of mine! 



What keeps you busy aside from acting? 

School! I am still in traditional school, so when I am not filming I am either at school or studying. I participate in many of the school activities. I am still required to study and get good grades. My parents make sure I understand that. I also support my sisters with their gymnastics and tennis lessons. I am also getting in to tennis myself.


Top 3 songs from your playlist right now. 

Drake- God’s Plan, Cardi B & Bruno Mars- Finesse, and Tasha Cobbs- Im getting ready 


Are you reading anything at the moment? 

I read tons of literature for school. Outside of school my mom recently bought me a book called “Do Hard Things.” She says every kid my age should read it. I think the book is going to be one of those that inspire young kids to break barriers and boundaries and ceilings. I cant wait to get started on it. 

If you’re gonna be a book, what type of book do you think you’re gonna be and why. 

I really enjoy cooking! I love to find vegetarian recipes and restaurants and try to recreate them at home. If I would be a book, I think I’d be a cookbook!! Hahahahahah 

If you had the chance to help any specific charity / organization, which one would it be and why? 

I’m doing some research on this actually. I want to work with a charity/organization that empoweres and equips young girls. So many young girls my age are full of talent and just need the extra push and resources to flourish. I want to help! I want to make a difference! I want to celebrate the beautiful young girls and help us all to become brave courageous, powerful, young women! 


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Catch Eris as Tess Pearson in Season 2 of This Is Us!