Where are you from?

Chicago, IL (South side)


When/How did acting start for you?

I began acting when I realized that I was horrible at sports, but it has always been something that I loved. In my first role, I played “Air” in a school play; I was wrapped in bubble wrap.




What’s your most memorable audition story?

My most memorable audition story was when I was told in a room that I wasn’t white enough to be the lead, nor Asian enough to be the best friend. That was a jarring moment for me.


How is it to have 6 brothers in your family?

It’s like growing up in a frat house mixed with the United Nations…and lots of farts. haha




What is your favorite part about being an actor?

I’ve always been bored with the idea of just living one life, so getting to play dress up everyday keeps things interesting…and craft services!


What is the proudest moment of your career thus far?

I’m genuinely proud when I meet young girls who are inspired from seeing me play this strong female role on TV. Girls who didn’t feel like they could make the soccer team but tried out because Daisy inspired them, or girls who felt different and were ashamed of it, but accepted themselves because they saw Daisy accept herself as different. It’s so cool. It’s so powerful.



What advice would you give to those see you as a role model?

Hmm…I’d want them to know that I’m not perfect and I make tons of mistakes. I don’t know, I think being  a role model isn’t about being perfect, it’s about living your life as authentic and brave as you can. That’s all I try to do really.


How do you stay grounded & positive?

I have a very close family who are supportive but never overly impressed with what I do. They keep me grounded. Also, without fail, any time I get a big head, I end up tripping or stepping in dog poop…that’s quite humbling.



If you can have a superpower what would it be?

I’ve been asked that question so many times, so if I could have a superpower, it would be to not get that question asked again! Haha


Tell us about your upcoming film Valley Girl.

Valley Girl was a really fun experience because I take on a persona very different from my character Daisy on SHIELD. I think everyone is going to like it!



Tell us more about being a successful Asian actress in  Hollywood

For me, it goes deeper than just the casting of Asians in Hollywood. Authenticity is important throughout the creative process. Most of the content for Asians in created by white men. We are more than just nerds, nail technicians, Kung-fu masters, doctors, etc. It’s important that we have Asian stories written and depicted by Asian artists.



Any advice for aspiring actors out there?

You have to have a thick skin and a thin skin…a thick skin to handle the business/political side of the industry and a thin skin to handle the creative elements involved. I act because it’s in my bones; I’ve never doubted whether or not I would find success as an actress.  If it’s in your bones, you just have to go for it and not doubt the process.


Photography: IRVIN RIVERA





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