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Tell us a little about your story. Who is Dominique Columbus?

To put it in a nutshell, I was a kid born and raised in Los Angeles, who have big dreams and had no doubt whatsoever. I always knew what I wanted to do. It was just a matter of timing. Growing up in LA inspired me in many ways to always reach for the best- from seeing the lifestyle opportunities, to the amount of competition. Growing up i learned how to become universal as a person and as a creative. 


How did acting start for you?

I had an opportunity to start early on as a kid, but I chose to do sports instead, which I'm happy that I did.

Being an athlete gave me the mindset and confidence to do whatever it is that I want in life. So when I graduated high school in 2010, all of my friends thought I was going to pursue boxing, but instead I wanted to go back to my original dream of becoming an actor. 




Tell us about your latest role as Damon in Ray Donovan.

It’s truly the dopest role. I get to fight on-screen all the time. A lot of my scenes have high energy, and I get to do two of my favorite things at the same time. Acting and boxing. Plus, working with the cast is just a whole other blessing within itself. 


Where do you draw your inspiration for acting?

I'm all about connecting. I draw inspiration from everyday experiences by just connecting with people. If you don’t know how to connect in the real world, how can you do it on camera?


Is there any preference in the type of role and genre you play?

I’m very universal, so my range is wide but ultimately I love roles that have a lot of depth. I love roles that are action-oriented and deal with moral conflicts.



Out of all the roles that you have played, is there any particular favorite?

My role on “Ray Donovan” has been my favorite so far.


Is there any actor (dead or alive) that you dream to work with?

Leonardo DiCaprio.


Besides acting, what else do you enjoy doing? 

Honestly, acting and filmmaking are what I love to do the most, I’m happiest when I’m on set. I was told growing up to do what brings you the most joy and for me that is creating on set.



What is your dream project?

That’s a tough one.  For me, it would be my series that I’m currently developing. I would love to turn it into a Netflix original. I went to film school for years to learn how to write, direct and star in my own projects. Doing that on a grand level one day is my dream.


Any exciting projects coming up for you that we can look forward to?

I’m excited for a film I did with Johnny Depp called, Labryinth.” It comes out in 2018.



Is there any advice that you can give to any aspiring actors out there?

One of my favorite quotes is “if your presence doesn’t make an impact, then your absence won’t make a difference.” For any up and coming actors, just know that when you are in this position you must remember to make a positive impact. Use the influence that comes with this life to help elevate the world to a higher frequency. It needs more positive leaders.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. 


How do you stay fit?

I work out 5 times a week, and 3 of those times i do two-a-days in the gym. I box, run, swim and lift weights throughout the week, every week.




If you’re going to have a book, what title would it be?



If you had the chance support any charity/organization/person, what/who would it be and why?

My dad’s organization “K.O. High”, is a program that allows high schools to box with other high schools. It gives kids an opportunity to do an individual sport that they are good at instead of having to do basketball, football, or other group sports. The program has helped over 1,500 kids graduate high school.

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