Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Don't let this young face fool you. I'm about the age (and personality) of Betty White on the inside. I love a nice jigsaw puzzle and I hate being in the sun. Hikes are my nightmare. 


When did you decide to pursue acting?

I never had any interest in acting but a friend suggested a class just for fun. It was mostly improv games and I'm a sucker for a good game night so I thought, "Why not?". I was about 19 and loved it instantly. I definitely never expected to make a career out of it. 


What inspired you? 

I find inspiration everywhere and anywhere, but when I started I was inspired by the super talented people I was studying with. They remain my closest friends today. Now I'm inspired by women who aren't afraid to step into the male dominated side of the business and can't wait to become the lady boss I know I can be. 


Can you tell me a bit about yourself?Tell us about your character Leia on Still The King. Where do you see your character going in Season 3? 

Walt and Leia are like the Pam and Jim of this show. I love their relationship and how the show runners have teased it along instead of going the obvious route. I'd love to continue to play coy with each other and give each other our sweet nerd glances and awkward hugs. 


How is it being a part of so many different types of TV shows and being able to portray such a variety of characters? 

I like being a chameleon. I do it all. Although if I had it my way, I would do comedy all day errday. 


How do you think your previous roles have shaped you as an artist? 

Live audience shows take a lot of confidence. It's my favorite type of show to shoot, a perfect mix of tv and live theatre. It's made me a stronger and more secure artist. I've also shadowed directors on sitcoms which gives me a unique perspective and sense of understanding the process. 

What do you think is the proudest moment of your career so far? 

Ive had an amazing 2017. I starred in two pilots(both live audience comedies), shadowed directors, and shot Still the King, which was one of my favorite jobs of my 10-year career. Work comes and goes in waves, and I'd say I'm most proud of remaining calm and steady throughout that journey. 


What kind of actor are you? Is there a certain style of acting you work with? 

There are two kinds of actors in my mind. The ones that leave themselves home and pretend to be someone else, and the ones who bring themselves to the character with truth and honesty. I definitely fall into the second category. It's like a painting. Would you rather look at a piece that's pretty or one that gives you a glimpse into a messy, real human heart? I want my heart and true self in all my work.


Is there an actor you admire? 

Lately, Elizabeth Moss has been blowing my mind. Her work in Mad Men and Handmaids Tale is stunning. 


Do you get emotionally attached to your characters? 

I don't think of my characters as separate from me. It's just parts of me, myself behaving in a given situation. 


Have you ever cried during a movie, if so, what was the movie? 

If you don't cry during Forrest Gump there's something very wrong. More recently, Manchester by the Sea got me right in the feels. 


Top 3 songs in your playlist right now? 

Cold little heart (big little lies soundtrack)

Ever since New York (harry stiles)

Teach me Tonight (Dinah Washington


Top 3 films right now? 

Wonder Woman (hell ya female directors)

The Fall



Currently binge watching? 

Happy Valley on Netflix. So. Good. 


Any advice you can give to aspiring actors out there?

Michael Keaton says something in The Founder that I thought was great for actors. It was about how many talented yet unsuccessful people there are out there, because no amount of genius is more important than persistence. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. 


If you were to have a book, what would the title be?

"Confessions from the Hair Chair." I always spill my guts when someone is doing my hair. 


If you will be given the chance and opportunity to help a specific charity, what would it be and why? 

I think St. Jude's hospital is an incredible organization. They never turn away a child in need and I would help them in any way I could.